Summary: We’re always in danger of making bad decisions when we leave God out of the picture.

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Beware of making bad decisions Joshua 9

Two snakes were slithering down the road when one asked the other, “Are we poisonous?” The other snake said, “I don’t think so, why did you ask?” And he said, “Cause I just bit my lip.”

Have you ever wondered why some of the people you know insist on making dumb decisions when the decisions they make are so obviously wrong? Here are ten reasons that people act like idiots without even knowing it. And as they say in poker, if you can’t spot the sucker at the table, then it’s probably you...

1. First, there are some who know they’re heading in the wrong direction and yet they’ll say, we’ve come this far, we might as well keep on going. Now, I admit there was a time that I realized I was heading in the complete opposite way on the highway and I sped up like that was going to change anything.

But listen, even though we can’t change the past; that doesn’t mean that we can’t turn around and start over again. And I’m not just talking spiritually here but in any area of our lives. I’m sure we’ve all known people who will sink a lot of time and money into something and they’ll think that if they stick with their original plan long enough then somehow everything is going to work out right. The problem is; if their plan was wrong to begin with then the results won’t change but they’ll always be wrong.

For example, I had a friend one time who bought an old car and it looked like a bit of a junker but he said he really got a good deal on it and in a couple of weeks the motor went. And after he put a new motor in it which cost him a little bit more than he paid for the car the transmission went and after he had that replaced all kinds of other little things went, but he said, I’ve already spent so much money on this car and it’s got all these new parts, so, what else can go wrong. And the answer was simple, a lot of things. There comes a time when you have to realize, you’ve made a wrong decision and move on. And maybe you’ve come this far only to realize you’re going the wrong way.

2. Then there’s the totally self-centered individual who doesn’t realize the grief that he or she is causing other people. There was a Harvard study where a couple of volunteers were connected to a device that allowed each of them to exert pressure on the other person’s fingers. The researcher began by exerting a fixed amount of pressure on the first volunteer’s finger and then that person was asked to exert the same amount of pressure on the second person’s finger. Then the second person was asked to exert the same amount of pressure on the first person’s finger, and back and forth.

And although they each tried to respond with equal force, they typically responded with about 40 percent more force than they had just experienced. So, each time one was touched, he touched back harder, and that caused the other one to touch back even harder. And that’s why people who are in a conflict invariably think they are both "right" because neither one thinks they’ve done more wrong to the other person.

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