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Summary: This is an exposition of Philippian 3.1-11.

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Beware of the Flesh

Text: Phil. 3.1-11


1. What is the “flesh”?

Three things the flesh cannot do…

I. The flesh cannot provide an acceptable service – vv.1-2.

A. Service in the flesh is dangerous – v.1.

B. Service in the flesh is “evil” – v.2.

C. Service in the flesh is “false” – v.2.

II. The flesh cannot power a spiritual worship – vv.2-6.

A. Fleshly worship is “Self-confident” – vv.3-4.

B. Fleshly worship is “Self-centered” – vv.3-6.

C. Fleshly worship is “Self-righteous” – vv.3-6.

III. The flesh cannot procure a divine righteousness – vv.7-11.

A. Fleshly righteousness falls short – vv.7-11.

B. God’s righteousness furnishes salvation – vv.7-




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