Summary: The Second Coming..


2nd Thess Chap 2

In today’s world We have to be prepared

for what Could happen at any second!!!



Or the Rapture- Or The Great Tribulation!

Our English Bible’s don’t use the word Rapture,

But we all know what it means when we hear

Things like – The coming of the Lord or – The

Falling Away!!!

Today we have to BEWARE

We have to Beware of Deceit!!!

We have to Beware of Defection from the Truth!

We have to Beware of Persecution!!

We have to Beware of False Teachings!!

We have to Beware of Worldliness!!

We have to Beware of Inadequate Worship!!

We have to Beware of Un-belief!!!

And it goes On and On

I could probably preach on this for several hours

But I’ll try not to!!! Starting w/ Deceit

MATT CHAP 24:4&5 tells us in words of Jesus

Take heed that no man deceive you

For many shall come in my name saying I am

Christ; and shall deceive many.

This scripture is referring to the false


Who have already spanned in the church


And led many (and God only knows

how many)

Right directly to the gates of Hell and its

Happening Right now under our Noses,

and they are trying

To lead everyone that they can today as

We speak!!!

And you can be assured that your Name

and My name is on the List

We must fight this Deceit!!!

We only need to take a stand for the truth


And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth

Shall set you free!!!

Beware of The Defection from the Truth

Or could also be persecution!!

Matthew chap 24: 9&10 says

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted,

And Shall Kill you – and Ye shall be hated

of all Nations for my names sake

And then shall many be offended – and shall

Betray one another, and shall hate one another!

We can expect to be persecuted when we

Stand On the word of God!!

We are the ones that are considered the

Occult These days – Christians – some

may call us

Jesus Freaks!!!

There’s not to many of us left in this

ole cruel world

This morning if Every Church in the

Nation were

Full to capacity it would only be 3 % of

The Population of the United States,

Only 3%

And the Pastors are afraid to preach the

Truth, in Fear that they will lose their

position In the

Church, or lose what followers they

do have!! So they tickle everyone’s

ears and preach what

The Congregation wants to hear instead of

what they need to hear THE PURE WORD


They’ll say Well that preacher preached

right at

Me today and I don’t think I’m going

Back Anymore, He don’t like me anyway!!!!!

If you hear the truth and then run then you

Must be working for Satan!!!

And there are so many beautiful churches

and They only have one church service

per week – just long enough to pass the

offering plate and they give God 20 or 30

minutes to give everyone a blessing!!!!!

Excuse Me!!!!! It don’t work like that

It’s Like – OK God we’ve sung a couple of

praises now

And its almost noon so you gotta hurry

We are going out to eat hurry!!!!!!!!

I sure don’t believe it like that

We need to give God time….

Our blessings are gonna come in his

time not ours

And besides we will give God time

Anyway Whether its here in church or

in a hospital bed

Or maybe even something worse!!!!!

Then We have to beware of False Teachers


And many false prophets shall rise, and

Shall deceive many!!!!!

We have false prophets and teachers

Worldwide They are giving people

prophecies and hoping

For 75% come true’s

If God really gives you a prophecy

about something You won’t have

To hope for a 75% come true margin

If its really from God all of it will come

True I heard a story about a Pastor –

someone came

To him and said Pastor God told me

to preach for You today – The Pastor

said well that’s funny

God told me to Preach today too!!!!!

Do you understand what I’m telling

You They’re EveryWhere!!!!!

2nd PETER CHAP 2; 1&2 SAYS

but there were false prophets also

among the people,

even as there shall be false teachers

among you

who privily shall bring in damnable


and many shall follow their pernicious


ways by reason of whom the way

of truth shall be

evil spoken of!!!!

I have a greater fear of God than that!!

Another thing to Beware of is Temptation!

Be ready because satan will be there waiting

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