Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: I can fully believe, but unless I act on my belief, I am of no benefit to my community. This is sermon 3 of 9 in a series.


Daniel 11:32

“ … shall be strong and do exploits (KJV)”

“ … will display strength and take action (NASB)”

The actions are the tip of the iceberg. We must have solid Biblical beliefs which in turn develop godly values that drive their righteous behavior.

I must become convinced of why I believe …


Then I’ll become committed to what I believe …


Then I’ll become changed by who I believe.


Beliefs – why do I believe God?

Heb 11:6 – rewarder = one who pays wages

- Without faith in God who created the world with order…

- Without faith in God who provides for the children of His love…

- Without faith in God who loves justice and hates lawlessness…

- Without faith in God who makes a way, the only way into the sanctuary of His presence…

… without such faith, it is impossible to please God who desired and demands that we believe these things about Him.

To believe anything else or to think we can do these things without His adi is to deny the very character of God and try to play His role ourselves.

I believe God is … I’ve experienced and experience God regularly, daily. God is real.

God’s name is representative of His characteristic.

I. Jehovah Tisdkenu = Jehovah our righteousness

Heb 10:1-20 “… through the veil…”

Mt 27:50, 51 – the separter of the people from god in the temple.

Jer 23:6 – “… and this is His name which He will be called, the Lord our righteousness.”

Jer 33:10 – “…this is the name by which she (the body of Christ) shall called, the Lord is our righteousness.”

II Cor 5:21 – “… that He might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Phil 3:8,9

Is 64:6 – “… all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment …”

The benefit we experience from God being our righteousness is cleansed of all our sins.

I Jn 1:5-10

II. Jehovah M’keddesh = Jehovah who sanctifies

Lev 20:8 – I am the Lord who sanctifies (to proclaim, to pronounce as clean) you

I Cor 6:11 – “… you are sanctified … you are justified…”

I Thess 5:23

Rom 6:17, 18

1. God’s presence dwells in you and empowers you to live holy and to be spiritually and morally pure.

2. The blood of Jesus takes away your sins and breaks the power of sin in you.


I am made righteous by Jesus.

I am proclaimed sanctified by Jesus.

Free from Sin.

Jn 8:31-36

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