Summary: Second sermon given at Moment of truth to communicate the three fold responsibiltiy we have a men. We are called to reflect the Divine nature as Prophet, Priest, Provider/Protector. We can only fulfill these by having a dynamic union with God in Christ.

Intro: We have an at least three fold responsibility if we are to be biblical men of God. 1 Corinthians 13.11 When I was a child I thought, spoke, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man I put those things aside. If we are to be men then we must look to the standard for men. In the world there seems to be self absorption and spinelessness. Where do we find the standard? We find it in Jesus.

I. Prophet

A) Initiators vs. responders

Romans 5:8 “But God proves His love toward us in while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” We are to certainly respond to God. However once we hear a word from God, (that is what it means to be a prophet), we are to move forward and act on the truth He reveals. No premarital sex then I actively set up some borders and boundaries in my life because sexual purity doesn’t happen by accident.

B) Creators vs. consumers

We were created in the very image, nature of God. We are not to be defined by what we consume but by what we produce. Jesus said clearly said in Matthew 7:16 “You’ll recognize them by their fruits.” You will not be a man because you wear the right cologne, can drink more than someone else, have a hotter girlfriend, play video games better, belch or fart better than other guys. God clearly says it is your life, your legacy, what you give that determines whether you are a man or not.

II. Priest

Not all of us are called to be pastors, teachers, etc. However all of us are called into God’s presence to worship Him. But let’s define worship. Worship is not praise, singing, or Sunday morning songs. It is this and more. Worship is an attitude and lifestyle.

1 Peter 2.9 “But you are a chosen people a royal priesthood.”

John 4:20-24 “There is coming a day where you will worship in Spirit and truth.” When the Spirit of God seals your live you become the temple and your life becomes a bowing before the truth of Jesus. Why is pornography a problem today? Guys will not bow their life before God and become men. A real man responds to the Spirits leading with obedience. What does God require? Worship and witness in the Spirit is Obedience to God.

III. Provider/Protector (pro-vision (to see obstacles and problems and make adjustments))

Conquerors and not cowards (Joshua 1 and following)

Living because of certainty not circumstances. Hebrews 11.1, 1 John 5.13 We live in uncertain times but God is certainly in control.

Cultivators and not complainers Matthew 25, Hebrews 11.24-25

This comes from a life in union with God. This is a life patterned after the Spirit filled Jesus Christ. How? Ask, seek, knock.

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