Summary: What are the three pillars of a biblical family?

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Title: Three Pillars for a Biblically Functioning Family

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We need desperately to understand what it means to have biblically functioning families because healthy families will help promote a healthy church.

The family is a microcosm of the church.

If a church is filled with unhealthy families, that church itself will be unhealthy.

“Small Groups and Youth Groups” A lot of churches talk about “small group” ministry and “small group” studies and “small group fellowship”.

Beloved, the individual family is the genuine “small group” within the church.

Some people break their backs to have church folks come to their homes and have a bible study and prayer time, but never study the word or pray with their own families.

They are more than willing to try to feed their christian friends while their children starve for the word.

Instead, the children are carted off to “youth group” and the parents OUTSOURCE their responsibility for ministry to their children to someone else.

It is like preparing a gourmet meal for our friends and sending our children to Mcdonalds.

The kids may love it, but it is not healthy!!!

Each of our families constitute the small groups which make up this church.

And while we need to have interfamily fellowships, we first need to be concerned about whether or not our homes are seeking to live for Christ.

Important Question: Are our homes being the small discipleship groups that they are supposed to be, or are they just the places wherein we live like the world between Sunday services?

So, we ask ourselves the question: What is the Biblically Functioning Family?

There are Three Pillars which Uphold a BIBLICALLY FUNCTIONING FAMILY:

- The Proper Love for Christ

- The Proper Love for Your Spouse

- The Proper Love for Your Children

In each of these points, I have included the word “proper”

I have done so because I know a lot of people would claim to love their spouses, love their children, and even love Jesus.

But the question is, “are we loving them in the way the Bible says we should.”

Love is not JUST an emotional feeling; It is the outgrowth of a proper understanding of what the Bible means by the word “LOVE”.

Love is not a feeling, love is a VERB - it shows action - thus, in loving Christ, our spouse and our family, there are ACTIONS involved.

I. The Proper Love for Christ

What do we mean when we say, “Proper love for Christ”?

As I said, many people claim to love Jesus.

People of all types of religious backgrounds claim to love Jesus.

Even unbelievers claim to love Him for His teachings on forgiveness.

But, according to Christ, love for Him includes one very distinctive quality: OBEDIENCE.

John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

This verse is based on the “if/then” principle.

Basically, “IF” this thing happens, “THEN” this other things will happen as a result.

We use this with our children all the time.

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