Summary: "Blood is thicher than water;" birds of the feather flock together."

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ST. Mark 14: 18-21

Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, will do anything to satisfy his wants, even if it means betraying a Holy Man of God. What that tell you about certain people, you don’t think your closes friend will do anything like that. There’s no telling what people will do as long as an ominous voice is talking to them. After Judas Iscariot proved to be a eurhythmy of the physical culture, actually, he found mental gratification from infliction of pain on others, and moved with the prose of hell from that day forth.

The Eucharist was not sacred to him anymore. His heart rewinds to classification of neighborhoods. The bread and wine that Judas consecrates and consumed in remembrance of Jesus and his death was not a consecrated element of this rite. Judas Iscariot was doomed from the start.

I’m very much interested in knowledge, but I don’t believe that knowledge has all the answers. You might be superstitious; one of your superstitions might be that breaking a mirror brings bad luck, but if you reject Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your luck can’t get any bad than that. Every time the spirit comes to heart, Darren wants to be the one that notice it. When it comes to home base, the spirit of God is headquartering over most of me decisions.

Emphasizing all these realities, Judas took them for granted. He’s not thinking about progress, because the spirit of the world refuses to let him. Eventually, Judas will take his own life in the body of Christ. Judas was in Christ, but he was not of Christ. In the church, how many people, you know, that has taken their life? Jesus gave his life. Be careful who you lay your life in the hands of, because you might be lying in the wrong hands. The love of money is the root to all evil.

Look at Judas going down; Judas was the son of perdition. Jesus said, Judas, it was better if you were never born. To reject means discard, to give up and to give over. Being relinquished from the faith of Jesus Christ is to be cut out from everything good. We got something to hold on and fight for. Real Christians know that they must stay on the straight and narrow to avoid the gutter which has been put aside to drain off surface water from the street. Jesus drains the love of the world out of our soul. The edge of a sharp two edge sword depletes us from all unrighteousness.

People that have too much money become unpleasant, ugly, and disagreeable, which makes them impatient with the needs of others. Money has blinded so many people from seeing the truth. Judas was so blind about what he was doing in the presents of God that he forgot the words to the introit in his heart, and the opening of Christian service became the benediction of his very own life. There are some people that go to church with the benediction in their heart; they are ready to go home, to do their own thing as soon as they get to the church.

Sin will drive you places where you don’t want to go, because of sin, you might do things that you really don’t want to do. Adam and Eve didn’t want to leave the Garden of Eden. Most people don’t want to die and go to Hell. Jesus showed us a better way. After trying on the righteousness of God, I said, “This fits faultlessly.” The Holy teacher gave the worlds a problem which they couldn’t solve. When it struck the heart, the problem burst into flames. It is a disgrace that more than fifty percent of those who enter Christ fail to go to the next level.

Judas didn’t let the fruit of the spirit of God make him 100% pure, the devil said, Judas, “let me concentrate your heart with nou-me-non, an object of life. What he would do for money consciously got the best of Judas; he might have thought that he perceived these things by his senses, but they were by his intellect. What did God say, he said, “Be not wise in your own eyes but fear the Lord and depart from evil.” Our soul cannot be known through an idea, although, its existence can be demonstrated by how we discriminate about each other’s feelings.

The devil discriminates because he doesn’t understand the soul, because he lost his soul, which is locked up in a place of confinement. As a child of God, we must represent not only the works of Jesus but also the entire process of his love. This is absolutely relevant, a proving success.

Numerous people have experienced both the blessings and the mercy and the grace of God, and they didn’t even deserve it. God’s preemption works like this. Whosoever can break through the driving forces of darkness by calling on the name of Jesus can overcome the world, and there’s no partiality between those who do, and those who don’t, because Jesus endured unto the end; we must endure to the end.

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