Summary: If you have a Bible, you are blessed with a precious treasure. Cherish it. Read it. Learn it. Love it. Live it

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

8 June 2014

Ephesians 6:17


Intro: Today, we will consider the final piece of the “the whole armor of God.”

• Our enemy, “the devil,” does not want us to have anything that we have been given by God

• everything in His power/take away those blessings from us

• there/some things/devil can’t take away

• He will attempt to nullify/blessings/God he cannot steal!

Today, we will consider the final piece of that armor

• Blade Of The Spirit

• Told/Blade of the Spirit is “the Word of God.”

Let’s examine last piece armor and discover how “the Word of God” can empower us/enable us/overcome our enemy the devil.


THE IDENTITY OF THE BLADE - two words used “sword” in/NT

• Rhomphaia - (hrom-fah´-yah)

• word speaks of a long, broad sword

• image that come to mind when we think of a sword

• Tend to picture a sword/being long, broad/double-edged. That is what this word refers to.

• used in hand to hand combat for slashing at ones enemy


• Machaira - (makh’-ahee-rah)

• Refers/knife/short sword carried/Roman soldier

• six to eighteen inches

• hand to hand combat to stab the enemy

• typical strike would be in the abdominal area

• that day, abdominal wounds were nearly always fatal

• Sword/called “gladius” by the Romans.

Word Paul uses here in the second word

• He/thinking/short sword carried/every Roman foot soldier

• soldier’s principle weapon in hand to hand combat

• Always available and ready for use.

• kind of sword Peter used to cut off the ear of Malchus

• Servant of the high priest….

• Herod’s executioners used to martyr James, Acts 12:2.


The sword Paul has in mind is not a physical sword.

• Paul identifies this “sword” as “the sword of the Spirit”

• Which is the word of God.

• “Sword” is a spiritual weapon used/believer in and out spiritual conflict with Satan.

• reminds us that the Bible is not a manmade book

• Bible is a spiritual book, came to us from Spirit of God.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Tim. 3:16–17.


I would remind you today/Bible in your hand is no ordinary book.


• Is the Word of God.

• Is inspired by God.

• is infallible, and it is inerrant

• can be trusted

• Can be believed

• The very words of God.

In its pages we find:

• The truth of Who God is.

• The truth of who we are.

• The very mind of God.

• The identity of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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