Summary: The purpose of this sermon is to motivate the hearers to affirm to others that Mary magnified the Lord and her spirit rejoiced in God her Savior.

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e. …. - charged with the intense emotions of joy and admiration that Mary must have felt within her soul.

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MOVE 2: Have you ever felt so excited … or confused and shock … that you couldn’t wait to share the news with someone that you knew would be excited for you too?

a. Someone who could probably share some Words of Wisdom regarding your circumstance. Coupled with the fact, that Mary had been informed by the Angel Gabriel that Cousin Elisabeth ….

b. …. who had been trying for years to have a child was also pregnant.

c. Could this be real?

d. Wow! Of all the women of the world – rich and famous, intelligent and beautiful – God chose Mary to be filled with the presence of His Son.

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MOVE 3: For don’t you recall, when Gabriel the Angel showed up in Luke 1:28, he said to her … “Hail, thou that are highly favoured, the Lord is with thee:

a. …. blessed art thou among women …

b. …. and in Luke 1:29 … the Bible shows that Mary was disturbed and troubled by what the angel had said.

c. The word “ANGEL” in the Greek language is an-gel-os’. It means messenger. As Mary was disturbed and troubled by the Words of God’s Messenger.

d. Many believers are also disturbed and troubled by the Words of God’s Messengers in this day and time.

e. Still, when God’s Word comes – it bring about a change in our life.

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For you see, my brothers and sisters, Mary knew that she was a sinner; shaped in iniquity;

f. She knew that she wasn’t worthy to have such divine honors bestowed upon her. Still, she said to the angel “… let it be to me according to your word …”

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MOVE 4: So, it disturbed her to think that she was special in the eyes of God. Yes, she was a virgin.

a. Yes, she attended Bible Study; and yes, she went to the synagogue for worship;

b. … but when the angel called her “blessed and highly favored” he messed up her mind.

c. And When the angel used the “perfect participle form of the verb “charitoo’”, he was saying in essence “Rejoice thou that are highly favored” which implied that Mary was already the recipient of divine favor.

d. Now, my brothers and sisters, in Catholicism, there is a prayer that says, “Hail Mary, full of grace”. And the prayer is correct … Mary was full of grace.

e. And as a student of God’s Word …. Mary was also … aware of the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 (KJV) which said: “ the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son;”

f. Yet, how could Mary ever explain to Joseph (her Soul-mate) that she hadn’t slept with anyone – this was God’s doing?

g. No man had laid his hands or anything else on her.

h. But, she was pregnant with child.

i. But, Mary thought about how Joseph would react.

j. For you see, Joseph was a hard working - good man and she didn’t want to lose him;

k. but how could she explain what had happened to her?

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MOVE 6: Then she remembered that the Bible says “… under the multitude of Counsel there is safety;

a. and if she ever needed to be safely under the arms of counsel, she needed to be safe now.

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