Summary: Purity of heart is desirable, attainable, essential.

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Blessed Are the Pure In Heart Matt. 5:8

INTRO.: God told Samuel He looks on the heart while men see only the outward appearance. I Sam. 16:7. God is supremely concerned about the condition of one’s heart.

The Biblical heart includes the emotions, the intellect, and the will of a person. It is the entire inner life.

Purity is a condition where there are no foreign elements or influences present. The pure heart is clean. Its affections are set on God. There is no element of unrighteousness in it.

Let’s consider some of the Biblical teaching about purity of heart.

I. Purity of heart is supremely desirable. Matt. 12:34

A. The heart is the source of good and evil.

1. Both good and evil acts are sometimes "heartfelt."

2. Things which defile come from within. Mark 7:20-23

3. It is also true good comes from within. Matt. 12:34, 35

B. A warning: heartfelt religion is not always right.

1. Saul of Tarsus an example. Acts 26:9, 10

2. The heart can be deceived.

3. We must measure by the correct standard - God’s Word.

C. The pure in heart shall see God:

1. They understand Him and His way better in this life.

2. They see Him revealed in His Son.

3. In the life to come, they shall see Him face to face. I John 3:2

II. Purity of heart is attainable through faith. Acts 15:9

A. Believe with the heart. Rom. 10:9

1. This faith is not mere mental assent.

2. It is belief from the heart that changes our affections, actions, attitudes.

3. Acts 8:37 isn’t in newer translations, but it expresses truth taught elsewhere in the Bible.

B. Obedience comes from the heart. Rom. 6:17

1. It is motivated by love & gratitude toward God

2. At the same time, the "form of teaching is also important. If the heart is right, we want to obey right.

3. Proper obedience makes us free from sin and servants of righteousness.

C. We must remain true to the Lord with all our heart.

1. Do not fall from our first love, like the Ephesians Rev. 2:4

2. Many fall away because their heart is not in Christ.

3. Learn to love the Church and Christ by becoming actively involved.

III. Purity of heart is essential: I John 3:21

A. Essential for salvation:

1. Minds & affections corrupted by the world can’t receive the Word. Luke 8:15

2. A good, honest heart hears the Word fairly, obeys, bears fruit.

3. So, we can see why only the pure in heart see God.

B. Essential to the Christian life: James 4:8

1. These words written to worldly Believers.

2. The double minded person has elements of impurity in his heart.

3. Sometimes w have to swim against the current. Not even every Christian has a pure heart.

C. A pure heart is the wellspring of Christian action.

1. We call on the Lord out of a pure heart. II Tim. 2:22

2. Christ dwells in the heart. Eph. 3:17

3. We make melody in our hearts. Eph. 5:19

4. We worship with the heart. Matt. 15:8

5. We must forgive from the heart. Matt. 18:35

6. We love with all our heart. Matt. 22:37

7. We give with purpose of heart. II Cor. 9:7

8. Our love must come out of a pure heart. I Tim. 1:5

CONC.: We can all see the importance of a pure heart. In Acts 8:21, a new believer, Simon, was told his heart was not right with God. He had no hope of salvation unless he prayed and God forgave the thought of his heart.

We need to make sure our hearts are right with God.

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