Summary: The message deals with 1. The Cause of Mourning, 2. The Blessedness of Mourning, and 3. The Comfort in Mourning.

"Blessed are they that mourn"

Matthew 5:4


"Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted"

Webster’s Dictionary defines mourning as; "a sorrowing or lamenting; specifically the expression of grief at someone’s death". To mourn means, "to feel or express sorrow for something regrettable". Mourning is to feel sorrow over the loss of something.

Last week we began the Sermon on the Mount, starting with the beatitudes. Jesus stated that these attitudes in our life would bring about a "blessed" or happy life.

The first beatitude, poor in spirit, said we needed to realize our poverty, utter spiritual destitution, in order to be blessed in life. When we realize our spiritual poverty, depend on the Lord for mercy and grace, and follow Jesus in service we will begin our happy walk.

It is hard for us to fathom the truth in these statements. Because to our worldly mindset they just don’t make sense. The words mourning and happy in the same sentence don’t make any sense at all especially when one complements or causes the other. The second beatitude gives us this contradiction of terms.

"Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted"

Jesus spoke with and eye on the eternal. He was not focused on the things of the world. When Jesus speaks of grief He speaks of the grief caused by sin. It is a loss of a magnitude we can only imagine and never really understand.

I. The Cause of Mourning

The cause of our mourning Jesus speaks of occurred in the Garden of Eden. Try to grasp the original intent of God. Adam and Eve walked and lived in the presence of God. They literally had the love and presence of God 24/7. There were no interruptions. The two walked with God without any distractions. No separation, no sin, no guilt, not pain or sorrow or tears only the abiding presence of God and His instructions for life existed. The Creator desired only to love His creation. Take a moment to imagine walking with God.

Now, it is gone. One act of disobedience, the eating of the fruit, and all of it is gone. Innocence is gone forevermore. Now, there is separation from the God who loves and cares for you. It is a separation that was caused by disobedience, sin. It is gone, all of it.

Adam and Eve were asked one question by the Lord God, "Where are you?" It was not because He did not know where they were. The Lord wanted them both to know what had happened as a result of their disobedience. They were no longer innocent and therefore could no longer abide in the presence of God. Both were cast out of the Garden.

Sin cane into the world and infected all of us. No one here is innocent. "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." We lost. We lost the abiding presence of God and we can no longer walk with God. The greatest loss of all time occurred at that point. We lost. It is the mourning Jesus describes.

Mourning the loss of fellowship with God and His purpose for our lives brings us to the point of seeking a solution. We lost it all. We lost walking with God unhindered, no distractions, and no interruptions. How painful it is. We lost the direct communication with God to the point that many do not even hear or heed His calling. We lost the assurance, the safety, and the love that comes from knowing the personal Lord of all. We lost our Abba Father, our Daddy. We lost and are lost without Him.

2. The Blessedness of Mourning

So where is the blessedness in mourning? The mourning is caused by the loss caused by sin. Only by recognizing the great loss, caused by our sin, will we seek to find the remedy for the agony of sorrow. There is no comfort if there is no grief.

Most people are not willing to recognize this great loss but would rather go through life ignoring the gaping hole in each of us. Maybe is we concentrate real hard we can focus on the good and forget about everything else. It will not work. Nothing can fill that sorrow that void left by sin, except the Lord.

When we come to realize the loss of fellowship with God, that personal relationship we begin to seek the answer to restoring the relationship. Not only will we seek the solution but we will also accept the answer.

I have problems with my spinal cord that keeps me in a great deal of pain most of the time. Some of you know the pain I am talking about. I take the medications and undergo the procedures so I won’t hurt as much afterward. You may have also heard me say I don’t want anyone cutting and probing around my spinal cord. I am not undergoing that procedure period!

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Bruce Ball

commented on Feb 4, 2008

You are so right, Don! Jesus is the guarantee of the promise God the Father has given. All we have to do is focus and be willing to accept. Excellent sermon, Brother!

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