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Blessings of a Beggar

Matthew 5:3- Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Poverty of spirit involves realizing that we cannot do what God wants by depending on our own skills, insight, or energy. This realization becomes the gate into God’s kingdom. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, aware of how impossible it is for you to do what God asks, you’ve been in touch with what it means to be “poor in spirit.” In this beatitude Christ invites us into a partnership that can change us, and through us, change the world: “All of you who know you can’t possibly do it, you’re the ones I want. You’re just the kind of people I can use.”

- Mary Lou Redding

The Power of a Focused Heart

Why would there be a blessing attached to being “poor in spirit”- for lacking zest, confidence and courage by definition.

Hayford’s Bible Handbook states it is those who admit their spiritual inadequacy and cast themselves on the mercy of God.

They are opposite of the proud, arrogant, the self-righteous who boast of their own goodness.

You see there are two kinds of poor, beggar poor and pauper poor! Both of them are in contrast to each other.

Let’s take a look at the Pauper first.

I. Paupers must like their status, they stay there, why? Because they have not found the desperation to cast off pride and pride keeps them there!

A. The Pauper looks to what others think, Image is everything to the pauper.

1. They don’t want the unwarranted attention, even if the unwanted attention could get them out of their situation.

2. It’s just what would they think, if they saw me begging, no I cannot do that (whining tone).

3. So they sit and stew in their condition, rather than look through the eyes of desperation and find a way out!

B. Paupers are silent

1. They don’t want someone looking at them funny or “judging them for being poor no they’ll just be quiet!

2. The pauper would just as soon die in their condition rather than speak out and let other know what is going on!

C. Paupers are not the daring sort.

1. They just sit in silence, silenced by pride

2. Pride is a silent killer!

3. Proverbs 16:18-18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

4. Pride will lead us to spiritual ruin, utter destruction!

5. Pride will not allow you to reach out beyond yourself, it will hold you captive as a prisoner!

6. Pride will keep you out of the presence of God!

7. Don’t become a prisoner to pride!

8. Don’t allow yourself to think you can do it on your own!

D. Paupers have just settled for what state they are in, they are settled into their status, and settling for the status quo!

1. The pauper is lulled tom sleep by a sense of complacency!

Transition: Have you settled for what state you are in? Have you settled for you status, tag or label, (elaborate). Or have you settled for the status quo in your spiritual life?

II. Beggar- Live off of the charity of others.

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