Summary: How blessed are we today that God allows us the privilege of being alive.

“The Blessings of Today”

It is a great blessing today or any day, when we are allowed the privilege of just seeing the birth of another beautiful day. Many of us take for granted that another day is coming and life will go on. If we could just realize how important that just “Today is”, and live it as it might be our last day. We find in Psalm 118:24, that “ This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” We have become accustom to our present lifestyle and the fast past society in which we live and our own personal problems, that to many of us that makes today just another day. We forget about all the wonderful things that are around us each day and the availability of having everything right at the tip of our fingers’ control. I call it many times just automatic thinking, it is like placing your turn signal on when you’re going to make a turn in your vehicle, that is an automatic response without thought or hesitation. And without thought or hesitation, many of us find little trouble in complaining about every little thing in our life each day. Instead of realizing this is another day the Lord has given us.

Several years ago a dear friend of mind gave me an excellent example of something many of us face everyday. He said, Richard, with all the different restaurants and places to eat, we are not thankful enough just having an abundance of food. But many times we fuss or fight over which restaurant we want to eat at, with little or no thought that million’s of people across the world are starving to death. Oh how glorious, we should all be that this is another day that God has given you and your family to rejoice together. Today when you first awoke, what priorities did you first place on your agenda? Was it a response to God for the blessings of a new day or the thought that this is just another day, a day without meaning or value on what I could do with that day. Just last year at a conference in Louisville, Kentucky, I had the privilege of listening to a Marine that in battle in Viet Nam had lost one arm, one eye, and had thirty some odd major operations and lived to tell his greatfulness to many people. One of the stories he shared was while out running one morning for rehabilitation, he came upon three young men leaning up against a fence and they were smoking a joint. While running past them, he said a cheerful “Good Morning”. The young men made no reply. On his return trip past the young men, he was determined to share his joy of being alive and up and going so he stopped to talk. He again said, “Good Morning” and one of the three instantly said, “What’s so good about it?” The Marine kindly said, “If it is not so good then why don’t you try living without it.” We can’t live without today, but as long as we have been given another day, let’s try to live it with joy in our hearts. For this is the Day the Lord has made and we all have been given a purpose for that day. Use today as if it were your last day on earth, because it might very well be!

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