Summary: Sermon in the series Blueprints


Sermon 3: Blueprints for Purpose

Mark 9:37-41

When Christianity began there were no denominations. All believers were one! They were called by many names believers for their faith, brethren for their love, disciples for their knowledge, saints for their holiness, servants for their works Christians for their Lord.

A denomination is by definition a group of congregations sharing the same name and basic beliefs. There are about 22,800 denominations worldwide. We’re just one of 50 different kinds of Baptist denominations in the U.S. alone. Denominations grew out of human interpretation of the Scripture. Beginning with a human leader or group who interpreted the Scripture a certain way! Thus developing into different kinds of bodies springing up everywhere. One of the main things that have been caused by it’s division, biter rivalry, and intense conflict in the overall Body of Christ. Causing confusion and conflict among the people of God. Many think that the blessings of God can only come to their group. That their way is the only way and unless you belong to this group, you do not belong to God! Jesus doesn’t care for this kind of attitude. He issued a stern and stinging rebuke one day when he was teaching His disciples about true greatness.

We have a problem when we feel that spiritual blessing cannot come through any church other than the one which we are associated with. God’s fullness is too great for just "one mold". We as followers of Jesus are not to look for labels but for fruit. And when you find it rejoice and encourage it. Jesus said, How dare you be in conflict with my followers just because they aren’t in your group. Now I’m not suggesting tolerance or acceptance offalse teaching, but if they are doing the Lord’s work they are to be encouraged not discouraged, or hindered.

I think I need to tell you in the early moments of this preachment that the real church is doing the Lord’s work. Helping people in Jesus’ name. Ultimately it is setting people free from the bondage of sin and Satan. That is the primary rework of the church, setting people free from all kinds of bondage. So the real test is are lives being changed? Are homes being saved? Are People being helped? Are People being delivered? Are people being set free? We are to rescue the perishing! Not just singing "Just As I AM", "Come to Jesus," We Offer Christ To You," "Get Right Church". Everyone wants to pray for a fresh move of God but if we get moving, then God’ spirit will move in us.

I think I need to tell you in this preachment hour that the real church is doing the Lord’s work in the Lord’s Name! Three times in this passage Jesus says, "In my name." Jesus is the center of our faith. All that we are depends on Him! He is the Alpha and Omega, the Door, Bread of Life. The REAL CHURCH WORKS IN THE NAME! Peter and John said, "Silver and gold … BUT SUCH AS I HAVE… In the name of Jesus Christ…" What awe do as a body of believers is not in any other name but Jesus. We’re not trying to make a name for ourselves, but to lift up the name of Jesus.

I think I need to tell you in the closing moments of this preachment hour, that the real church is doing the Lord’s work in the Lord’s name by the power of the Lord! So many believers are Holy Spirit shy! But we do not need to be afraid of the Holy Spirit but draw to Him! By his power we live and serve. Whenever He’s at work supernatural things happen! The church ought to have power!

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