Summary: There is a time for God’s people to wait for God to remove the obstacles in front of us; but there is also a time to confront the obstacles! Both are done in faith, because we live out our faith by acting as God prompts and leads us!

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Boaz’s Promise to Ruth

Ruth 3:11-18


- So far we’ve seen a very interesting story develop in Ruth

-- We know there was a great famine and so Elimelek has moved his family

-- While they were in Moab, 3 out of 4 people have died in this family

- After, Naomi returns home and Ruth makes three promises to Naomi:

-- Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay (Commitment)

-- Your people will be my people; your God will be my God (Public profession)

-- Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried (A promise to honor)

- Ruth then goes to look for work and finds favor in a field of Boaz

-- Boaz is taken with her … but as a guardian and provider for her

- Boaz’s response to Ruth is one of great grace and mercy

-- I’ve heard about what you did for your M-I-L

-- I’ve heard that you’ve left your land to come here; leaving everything

-- And now, here you are working to provide for Naomi among strangers

- Naomi displays some incredible excitement for who Boaz is … why?

-- He is their “go-el” (one who literally REDEEMS)

-- Boaz has become their “kinsman-redeemer” which is vital for them

-- In OT times, this would mean that he would assume the family responsibility

-- He would become the provider, the protector, and the overseer of them

- When the harvest had ended, Naomi understands Ruth needs to have a life

- IMP: The focus is NOT the budding relationship with Boaz and Ruth

-- The focus is: What GOD is doing, and has done, and WILL do!

-- Any other focus is on “self” or “me, me, and me” … and we lose sight of Him

- Read Ruth 3:11-18

∆ Point 1 – Boaz Responds to Ruth

- Boaz has proven himself to be an honorable man (go-el (redeemer))

-- Ruth has proven herself to be an honorable woman (chesed (grace))

- Their meeting was NOT by chance, but something that God ordained

-- This is a critical point for all of us to understand here

-- God had this planned before time began; they simply followed His lead

- IMP: Does this mean we have no say to make choices in our lives?

-- Absolutely NOT! But, it does mean that we have to MAKE a choice

-- NOTE: To choose nothing is to choose …. Nothing!

- Boaz had a very unique choice to make here; and he blesses Ruth

-- Re-read Ruth 3:10

- Naturally, this scene could’ve gone all kinds of awry and awkward

-- Boaz could’ve tossed her out and called her a “child”

-- Boaz could’ve forced his will on her had he not been honorable

-- Ruth could’ve retaliated and swear an oath against him for dishonorable deeds

-- Think about it: This could’ve gone VERY bad for both of them!

- But instead, we see what happens when God is at the center of lives

-- IMP NOTE: Their choices center on God’s best; not their preference

- Boaz was a man above reproach, of considerable standing in the community

-- But more importantly, a Godly man who lived for God’s honor alone (Ruth 2:1)

- In v11 we see his response to Ruth’s request that he stretch his cloak over her

-- Why? Because, she is a “woman of noble character”; one with integrity

-- He knew that her intentions were pure and not out to hurt him or his reputation

- Ruth is now fully aware that Boaz intends to take care of, but there’s a problem

-- There is someone else, someone closer in their family tree to Ruth (2nd go-el)

- TRANS: The reason this is an issue is, again, the Levirate Law

-- A kinsman-redeemer has the responsibility, but he must assume it

-- Boaz says (v13) “if he wants to do his duty as your guardian-redeemer, good; let him redeem you …”

∆ Point 2 – Ruth Returns to Naomi

- Boaz promises that if this man does not want the duty, he will take it (v13)

-- APP: Rest assured, this is 100% honorable and right that he is doing this

- Now, according to the Levirate Law, there is no OBLIGATION to redeem

-- Either man could’ve easily said “No” and went on about life

-- They are not bound to redeem the family, and Naomi especially knew this

-- IMP: Her hope is that Boaz’s sense of honor would move him to do so

- Boaz encourages her to lie there until morning (this is for HER safety) (v14)

-- But she must leave by morning for BOTH of their reputation’s sake (honor)

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