Summary: Body and spirit , the rageing war.

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Body and Spirit

Good morening everyone. Today I want to talk about the war between the body and the spirit. How many of you have ever fasted ? Now not because there was no food in the house or because you wanted to lose those 5 pounds for that date , I mean fasted for God. How many have told your body that I am not going to feed you ,God will feed us ? For those of you that have fasted what happened when you fasted? You got closer to God didn’t you. Why and how did you ? You relied on the Word to be nurishment for your soul and the soul sould to nurish the body.

When you fast God reviels so many things to you. You can step out and see your body at war with your spirit . Your body is saying , no screaming , “I want food.” “If you don’t feed me I’m gonna make you miserable”. “I’ll even make you sick.” Your spirit witnesses this , your spirit is seeing the war the body is having against you . Your spirit is being feed threw God but your body is saying no . This is how you grow closer to God . You depend on Him to tame your body . You depend on Him to nurish your soul. You depend on Him period.

Now when you are close to God like this and you see the war that your body is having , why don’t we see it when we are not fasting. Oh you may say “ but I do.” Realy ? Are you close to God every day to see when your body is at war with your spirit and you tell that gossip , or tell that lie (even thought it’s little lie) ,or to look at that swimsuit issue of that sports magazien and think thoughts you shouldn’t be thinking. Can you see the war that your body is having with your spirit when you eat that last piece of chocolate cake knowing that someone else wanted some , or when you find a way at work to get out of doing something to make someone else have to do it ( put it you own suggestions here). How about when you are driving home from work and instead of listening to something that will bring you closer to God on the radio or cd you listen to something that is only pleaseing to the body . I could go on listing things and never get done . These are all things of war that your body has been wageing against your soul with.

With this going on in your body it is fighting the soul and without you replenishing the soul it overtakes it . You start doing things that are pleaseing to the body. Your soul just keeps on takeing hit after hit and your soul loses that communication with your mind so you become to were you don’t see the body wageing this war . Your body seperates you from the reality of the punishment it is putting on your soul , Just as our sins seperat us form God your body is seperateing you from your spirit . That is why we need to be in the word , need to talk to God , need to pray , need to just give controle to God . He is the only one who can deliver us of this war in us. When you see this you become aware of it . If you can’t see this then your body is winning that war . Your body is keeping you in the dark . That is why Jesus said “I am the light” .

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