Summary: Our nation is in need of Soldiers. We are at war. But the battle is not what it appears. It is a spiritual battle and we need to prepare ourselves now. Put on the Armor and Pray.

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EPH 6:10-18

Boot Camp

As a kid, my brother and I liked to play ‘army man’. My grandfather had an old steel army helmet that we would wear when we played army man. What you need to understand is that it was a dark steel helmet, and we would play and wear these helmets during some of the hottest days of the year. Like this past week. It could be 100 blazing degrees outside, but we were going to play army. The sweat would be rolling down our faces because of the heat, but we would keep on keeping on.

Funny, I don’t even think I realized just how hot it was. But it didn’t matter. I wanted to be the army man. I needed to wear the uniform.

Paul comes to us and describes another type of soldier. Considering that the Roman soldiers were some of the fiercest in the land, Paul describes a spiritual soldier, in full battledress in comparison to the most of these Roman soldiers.

There is a war going on out there.

These last few weeks for this independence celebration in July, we started with IN GOD WE TRUST. Then, YOU’VE GOT TO SERVE SOMEBODY. And now, ready to serve, Boot camp for SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Our nation is in need of Soldiers. Yes, We are at war. But the battle is not what it appears. It is a spiritual battle and we need to prepare ourselves now.

Text: Ephesians 6:10-18

-WHAT does this say to the soldier?


Vs 10 – Be strong in the power of his might

Deut 31:6 says With you wherever you go

Joshua 1:6,7,9 Be strong and of Good Courage – He will not fail nor forsake you

Rom 4:19-20 Abraham staggered not. Stood firm. Strong in faith

-HOW can one be strong? – Joshua 1:8 Meditate day and night

Vs 11 – Put on the WHOLE armor of God – WHOLE = whatsoever is good pure

Rom 13:12 Cast off the works of darkness, put on the armor of light

Vs 13 Walk honestly [part of being whole and pure]

Vs 14 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ – Garment of righteousness [you must be saved in order to ‘wear’ the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be part of the ensemble]

Clothed. Covered. Protected.

We are to be clothed Gen 3:21 When Adam and Eve sinned, God made coats of skins and clothed them. Made to righteousness. Covered their sin.

-WHY must we put on this armor?

Vs 12 – We wrestle with principalities, powers, darkness, wickedness. Not flesh and blood. Not actual people.

Take a look at Matt 16:18, 21-23 Jesus was with Peter, and had just made the statement to Peter upon this rock I will build my church. He foretold of his upcoming death in Jerusalem and Peter rebuked Jesus. In Christ’s next breath, he, looking at Peter, said, “Get Behind Me Satan.” Not get behind me Peter. He looked beyond Peter’s humanness and saw the battle being waged by Satan himself. He rebuked Satan’s influence right then and their.

It’s not the physical that we battle, it’s the spiritual

Why where the armor?…for protection…but what else?


Vs 11 – Stand against evil

Vs 13 – Withstand – to stand

Don’t sit, lie down, be defeated.


Vs 14 – STAND – Stand Tall!, steadfast, firm, unmoving, not wavering

What is this ARMOR?

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