Summary: A picture for the church to learn what happens when we live on the edge of God’s blessings.


Numbers 32:1-15

11-13-2005 AM

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We are making ready for another special service and yet I wonder if we are ready?

There are 2 sins that we see from the people of Israel that we call:

1. Grieving the Holy Spirit: They said YES to the Devil.

When God lead them to Mt. Sinai they made another god of gold. God was grieved because He loved them.

2. Quenching the Holy Spirit: They said NO to God.

When God brought them to the edge and the people said no to God.

No worse off. They both rejected the will of God.

It is so bad in the world because so many have said no to God.

Don’t get mad at the world when they say no because so many in the church have grieved the Holy Spirit by holding back on God.

I have heard some hold back in there tithe to see if the preacher is going to make it.

Just holding back on God and live close enough to be near God but not willing to cross over.

Not willing to get in the battle.

3 things about this borderline living:

I. They Compromised The Will Of God Instead Of Completing The Will Of God. Vs. 5

They sure were humble when they wanted to sound humble.

Less than 100 feet away.

2 ½ tribes said no to God.

- Don’t get mad at them when so many stay home at night or miss Wed. prayer meeting.

They wanted the pleasure of the world and not cross over to revival.

When you live on the borderline the Promises of God and the Experience of God don’t seem to match.

II. They Came Close But Did Not Cross Over. Vs. 6

Israel is a land that is blessed by God, and the people were safe when they cross over.

You can only be used by God when you abide in His land.

In His will.

You can’t serve God when you are on the other side.

Serving God is not attending church but getting involved.

III. They Were Clinging And Not Moving. Vs. 15-17

They were clinging to what they had and NOT choosing to serve the Lord.

Backslidden people do not want fellowship with those going forward

They do not want Prayer, Preaching, and the moving of the Glory of God.

When it comes, many run.

We don’t need musical church members we need to reach people for the Lord and instruct them to serve.

Clinging and not moving will discourage others Vs. 7

Discouragement ends with verse 15 – DEATH.


1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

What Will God Do If We Cross Over?


Healing in the land

Healing in the body of believers

Power of God put on His people.

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