Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Study of O.T. Character and need to be faithful today


2 Kings 20:1-2

INTRO: What would you do, if you were told that you were about to die, and told to get your house in order? These verses tell the story of a man who had served God well, and was given some added years because of his service to God.


A. Told by Isaiah he was going to die.

1. Set thine house in order.

2. Is our house in order?

a. Suppose God were to call you today.

b. Would you need more time?

c. We shouldn’t wait until we are near death.

B. Hezekiah was ready to die.

1. He turned to pray to God.

2. Not to ask God to spare him, but to remember him when he dies.

3. Would we be ready, or would we be begging for more time?

C. Because of Hezekiah’s prayer, he recovers.

1. God spares him for his people’s sake.

2. God heard his prayer and saw his tears.


A. God gives Hezekiah a sign. Hezekiah is a church going man. He does not forsake God like many do.

1. To show him He will keep His word.

2. Because God was displeased with Hezekiah’s father for not asking for a sign (Isaiah 7:10-12). His father was an idol worshiper.

B. The sun was turned back 10 degrees on the dial.

1. Science proved this fact to be true during the first years of the space program.

2. This was something only God could do.


A. He let his pride lead into sin.

1. He had an opportunity to show the heathen Babylonians the true God and failed. They worshiped the sun.

2. Do we let our pride be the downfall of us?

B. Isaiah questions him about his sin.

C. The result of his sin.

1. The Babylonians get his treasures.

2. His sons become Eunuchs in the service of the Babylonian king.

D. Even in his sin, he praises God’s just judgment on him.

E. Do we praise God in everything?

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