Summary: The majority of the world’s population has a religion. Do you know to what god they bow down?

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I. Introduction

The wonder of the Lord never ceases to amaze His people. Whether it be providing finances to a chosen servant to move their house, healing an incurable disease, or providing water to a chosen nation wandering in the desert, He is ready to bless those that serve Him.

But, there is another side to that coin, and that is, the wonder of the Lord seldom amazes some of His people. It is sad to note that the daily wonders, work, and way of God are going unnoticed by non-Christians but, what’s worse, it’s going unnoticed by many Christians as well. The daily provision of bread (sustenance) is being eaten without even a casual prayer of thanks, while, much worse, the daily provision of wisdom and guidance is bypassed without even an irreverent nod of the head to the Provider of such.

The majority of the world’s population has a religion. Do you know to what god they bow down?

(Psalm 135:15-18) The idols of the nations are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. 16 They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but they cannot see; 17 they have ears, but cannot hear, nor is there breath in their mouths. 18 Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.

The key in that passage of scripture is verse 18, “Those who make them will be like them.” Generation after generation of bowing down to silver and gold has made man like them. Century after century of worshipping materials and money has turned man into a monster, his very own idol.

Man has become like the idol. No mouth, eyes, ears, or breath. Man has no mouth with which to speak of the wonders of the true God. Man has no eyes with which to spiritually discern the will of God for their lives and no ears to hear God when He speaks. And, worst of all, man has no breath, or spirit. The spirit of man does not communicate with the Spirit of God, therefore, there is no direction, there is no guidance from God.

Those who make idols will ultimately take on the likeness of the idol, hence man is to the point of worshipping themselves. Watch men and women as they walk down the streets and what do you see? Watch them closely and you’ll see them looking into at the dim reflection of themselves in car mirrors, the windows of cars, store windows, and even a shiny lamppost. Watch them on the subway or the bus, and they’re looking across the subway car into the window at their reflection. It’s tragically funny to watch. I can understand a casual glance to straighten your shirt or blouse, but to go from window to window checking to see if your hair is the same as it was 15 seconds before can only mean one thing, we worship OURSELVES.

Man’s primary purpose on this earth is to glorify God. Through faith we glorify Him, and we in turn receive hope that someday we will be there in heaven with Him.

Without hope there is no reason to live. Since there is no hope in a lost and dying world, man will attempt to cling to anything that he or she believes will give them that reason for living.

On the other hand, for the believer, faith is essentially the basis of thought of all that is God, forms God in us, delivers God to others through us, and without which there is no God. God, Himself has planted His faith within each one of us. And, through this innate faith, we are and we subsist spiritually.

Through God In Us, Faith is made alive

Through God In Us, Faith Heals

Through God In Us, Faith Loves

Through God In Us, Faith Saves

Through God In Us, Faith is the cornerstone of Christianity and Jesus is the elements of this faith.

It is not difficult to have faith in God and to follow God. Even the most simple and casual yielding to God’s daily provision of wisdom, guidance, and desire will produce tremendous spiritual benefits that are life changing. But, there is that catch, you have to yield, you have to surrender yourself to Him.

Though it is not difficult to put simple faith in God, there are those that remain at a distance and question God and God’s actions based entirely upon Biblical history. Many people will read the Old Testament and become upset because in the Old Testament there are people that apparently receive blessings when they don’t seem to deserve it. Whether or not we think they deserve it isn’t the case, we have to remember what is says in Romans, chapter 9:14-16:

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