Summary: A pattern of negativity in a family is known as Evil family Pattern. When you start to notice some evil things happening in your family lineage in a repetitive way from one generation to another you are experiencing the phenomenon.

Breaking Evil Root Covenants Causing Evil Family Patterns

Matthew 15:13

But Jesus replied, “Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by its roots.

Matthew 3:10

10 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Leviticus 19:31; 20:6, 27; and Deuteronomy 18:9-14 refer to “mediums and familiar spirits”

I have a mandate to revisit this phenomenon because it is recurring and for many individuals it refuses to go away unless dealt with firmly.

In many families around the world, you see strikingly similar manifestations and behaviors amongst family members from one generation to another.

“He is just like his grandfather and his dad in behavior. They are known to marry three women before they finally settle down.”

“Don’t be surprised. Women miscarry in their family. Are you sure you want to marry her?”

A pattern of negativity in a family is known as Evil family Pattern. When you start to notice some evil things happening in your family lineage in a repetitive way from one generation to another you are experiencing the phenomenon. e.g. sicknesses like diabetes, miscarriages, cancers, short life spans, hypertension, early death, flourishing to a certain age and then falling, failed marriages and so on.

I know a family where the women get breast cancer diagnosed at 40. Every single one until one was turning 38 and decided she would not be a part of it.

The bible says the sins of the fathers are visited unto their children to the fourth generation, the familial spirits that controlled your great grandfather’s generation will continue to your generation and beyond unless you deal with them.

Familiar spirits are just what I said, spirits so familiar and attached to a blood lineage they know everything for hundreds of years about the family.

When you hear of “ghosts” and ghouls sin in an old castle or an abandoned home, these are familial spirits attached to those homes that have refused to go.

These fallen spirits or demons as they are known are enforcers of evil covenants and curses released generations earlier to gain an advantage like wealth or to avenge a wrong. I have had to deal with families where their ancestors were thieves, murderers, hangmen, warriors, prostitutes and so on and so forth. Only the discerning and revelation power of the Holy Spirit can help in these situations.

As long as the governing covenant or curse is in place that is, has not been removed or ransomed with prayers fasting, the Word of God and positive spiritual agitations, they stay firmly in place and continue to wreak havoc from generation to generation.

I always refer to Abraham as the first family to experience evil family patterns. There were families like David’s who were gross womanizers.

Abraham’s family experienced

• Delay in child bearing. His son Isaac also experienced the same thing. Jacob and Rachel did not have a child on time as well.

• Abraham had to move to a foreign land in order to succeed. Isaac also succeeded in Gerar. Jacob had to flee to Laban before he too could succeed and Joseph the great grandson had to leave Canaan to Egypt to succeed.

• Abraham deceived Abimelech. Isaac also deceived Abimelech. Jacob deceived Isaac; Laban the uncle of Jacob deceived him.

• Abraham’s first son Ishmael was rejected; Isaac’s first-born Esua was rejected; Jacob’s first son Reuben was rejected as unstable. When Joseph brought his sons to Jacob, Jacob said the elder would serve the younger. Patterns of the older serving the younger.

Evil family patterns can affect dynasties and even countries. There is a country in Southern Africa that I am still researching because it is very difficult for their young women to marry.

Today we will deal with evil root covenants.

There are so many evil covenants you can knowingly or unknowingly get involved in. They have one thing in common. At least two entities agreed to go into agreement for mutual benefits. One can be the enforcer of the covenant while the other is the giver up of some entitlement, usually for generational evil covenants, it is the benefits of generations to come.

This covenant become the root of the whole transaction. The reservoir that services it is the life spirit of the individuals coming in generation in the family. Once the covenant is established the enforcer goes into action. Usually, a demon or familiar spirits who pretty much has authority given up by the ancestor to wreak havoc in line with the agreement.

This is a two day program so I will end today with prayers that will help break these kind of stubborn root covenants.

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