Summary: Living beyoud the sins of our fathers

Text - II Chronicles 29: 6 - 11

Subject - Breaking The Cycle

Intro. On last night after the concert, I went home and finished working on a sermon I had been working on for Father’s day. I wanted to, just as did on mother’s day, encourage our fathers and not come out today with a strong word of rebuke. But on Father’s day, The Lord caused us such a worship, that we never got to the sermon. So today on this youth day, we have taken the sermon that we thought God gave for father’s day, and realized it was for youth day. We as a people have gotten ourselves in a rut. We have caused our whole families, our whole communities, our whole churches to remain in an ungodly state. We have consistently followed our fathers down a path of destruction. When I say our fathers, I may not be speaking about your father in particular, but I speak in reference to the way we have allowed the sins of our fathers prevail in our lives. Many that may have grew up without a father feel it not a problem to live the same way with your own children. Many men that had bad fathers feel it not a problem to be bad fathers to their own children. Well, today is a new day. I quote Paul in Phillipians of the when he says I’m forgetting those things that are behind, and pressing on towards the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. It’s time to forget what you may not have had as a child, and honor God with your children. Forget how you may feel you were mistreated, and not mistreat your own children,. Forget that your Parents may not have been around for you and make sure you are around for your children. It is time to Break the cycle of sin, and restore a new Christian Family.

I. Chapter 29 Begins Speaking Of The Reign Of Hezekiah

A. We know a lot about Hezekiah

1. Served God with a pure heart

2. Was a great engineer

a. brought water into the city

b. made it stronger for war

3. Was healed by an honest prayer to God

a. was told by Isaiah he would die that day

b. turned his face to the wall

c. Called on The Lord, God healed him, and let him live

B. What kind of father did he have

1. Father was an evil man

a. did not honor God

b. as king, led the people away from God ( closed temple, set up altars)

2. Cause whole nation to suffer because of his folly

a. in ch 28, vs, 19 God brought Judah Low because of his leadership

b. everyone punished because no one took a stand

c. Some were even carried away captive

II. What Made Hezekiah So Different

A. Folk always say like father like son

B. He saw the destruction of sin

1. He saw what the actions of his father got him

2. Decided he didn’t want to fall in the same trap his father did

a. Men and women you have t o make decisions for your own life

b. Not forced to remain in an unfruitful cycle

III. How Do I get Out Of It

A. All I know is what I saw in my home

1. All I know is what my father did

2. All I know is what I was raised around

B. The bible never called Hezekiah The son of Ahaz

1. Called him the son of David

2. Was a Great “” “” “”” “”” “”” “”” ::: Grandson

3. Why called son of David

a. Reached beyond his own father and sought something better

b. did not want to live like his father lived, sought something better

C. Began to act like David

· Called those that led worship and said we all have fallen in the devils trap

· We all have acted like our fathers, but there is hope

· We can undo what our fathers have done

· What they have done wrong, lets do right

· Where they went astray, let’s turn to The Lord Found Favor With God

Do You have to try to be like your Great Grandfather Like Hezekiah, No

Romans 8:14 if led by spirit of God, you are a son of God

Charles Cherry is all right, six generations of preachers are all right, But I’d rather be

A Son Of God

Sunday, June 16, 2002 CTC AM Worship Fathers Day

Reverend Kenneth Eugene Cherry

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