Summary: About the Kingdom of God breaking through into our lives, and what that means for us.

What is the best news you can imagine hearing?

> For most of us… that’s a question that would easily stretch our imaginations… and the ideas we

might consider would likely get more expansive the more that we thought… but still prove small

and simplistic because of our limited perspective on all that surrounds us.

This series… is about discovering or re-discovering the greatest news that could ever be

given… it’s about engaging the ultimate breakthrough… not of our limited scale of thought…

but one of cosmic proportions… that news of a spiritual breakthrough offers the ultimate

fulfillment of all our deepest needs.

The very source of such news comes in what is called “The Gospel of Mark”… which means

good news. Review:

Mark begins… the GOOD NEWS…

• Quotes from among the prophets who had declared God’s intent over hundreds of years

• A new prophet enters the picture…John the Baptist… just as the prophecies of the OT had

said… one would come crying out from the wilderness to prepare the way

• He speaks of one greater… who will baptize with the Holy Spirit… usher in a new era

(Again… announcing the fulfillment of what had been promised… Spirit of God only

experienced as anointing power upon a few… but Ezekiel 36… “will put my Spirit upon


• Jesus enters the scene and Spirit descends upon him… and ministry begins… ministry of

God’s Spirit and power.

• Another figure quickly emerges… one noted only in the shadows of the OT… Satan. A

figure understood to have rebelled… deceived and gained dominance over human life and the


What is all this about?

> The announcement at hand… the KINGDOM OF GOD breaking through.

I. The Definitive Announcement

Mark 1:14-15

After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God.

15"The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good


He announced that the kingdom of God was at hand.

A kingdom represents the reign and rule of a sovereign. Jesus is announcing that the reign and

rule of God was at hand… re-taking the world from the powers of spiritual deception and darkness

that had come to rule both the human spirit (nature) and all that had been given to them to manage.

Don Williams (“Start Here”) – Notes our most common way of understanding Christ’s offer of

salvation… is in terms of accepting his forgiveness of sins… gaining assurance of eternal life…

and often we leave it at that. “But even more fundamental is the exchange of sovereignties. We

either live in Satan’s counterfeit kingdom of darkness or we live in the kingdom of God.”

> This is the central statement of all that Jesus came to proclaim. With these words he begins

his ministry and everything he said and did is a reflection of what he stated in this one


In the American Revolutionary War there was a shot at Concord that first got the war

going… that became known as “the shot that was heard around the world.”

> This was the shot that was heard throughout the universe.

“The time has come!”

Not merely chronological time (Gk. Chronos) but here he speaks of the appointed time (Gk.


Favorable, opportune, significant time has ‘Come’… implying a sense of fulfillment…the

prophecies and promises are coming true …Messiah is at hand

Time is now - a sense of urgency

The Message - “Time’s up!” –

The kingdom is near.

Near = at hand …God has begun the decisive, ultimate chapter of history. God has drawn close

in a dramatic fashion – in the person of Jesus. That’s as close as you can get!

“Repent, and believe the good news”

This stunning announcement requires a response.

You must RSVP!

How should we respond to this wonderful news?

Jesus says “Repent, and believe the good news”

It could be heard as implying that as God breaks forth with his reign and rule… enter this

way of life which I embody and will make possible. It’s the essence of what he offers when he

says…“Follow me”… it doesn’t mean let’s take a walk down the road… but rather follow

me into life under God’s reign and rule.

N.T. Wright

“When Jesus announced the kingdom, the stories he told functioned like dramatic plays in

search of actors. His hearers were invited to audition for parts in the kingdom.”

(The Challenge of Jesus, p. 43)

II. The Defining Call

Mark 1:16-20

As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net

into the lake, for they were fishermen. 17"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you

fishers of men." 18At once they left their nets and followed him.

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Jan Steffen

commented on Apr 29, 2017

Brad, you really nailed it here! In my studies, nothing could be more important than apprehending this understanding of the Kingdom of God. Thanks for this. Jon

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