Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This Sermon examines the names of the Brothers of Jesus.

“Brethren of Christ III”

Heb. 3-4

James = Supplant: Works, Wisdom, Willingness

Joses = Sympathy: Nearness, Necessity, Neighbor (Jepthah)

“Simon = He that Hears”

Intro: Heb. 3:7-11

1) Hear of His Promise

1A) To the Apostates v. 11-12

1B) To the Admonisher v. 13-15

1C) Of Adversity v. 16-19

2) Hear of His Peace

2A) Peace Reveals Faith v. 1-3

2B) Peace Resembles the Future v. 4-9

2C) Peace Requires a Fight v. 10-12

3) Hear of His Priest

3A) Hear of His Consciousness v. 13

3B) Hear of His Compassion v. 14-15

3C) Hear of His Calling v. 16

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