Summary: “Bringing others to Jesus is the most important ministry we can do as Christ’s disciples."


Proposition: “Bringing others to Jesus is the most important ministry we can do as Christ’s disciples."

Objective: My purpose is to challenge God’s people concerning the importance of bringing others to Jesus today.


Illus: During one winter in Birmingham, a young man drove to a hospital to pick up his wife and new baby. He stopped in front and left the motor running and heater going with a three year old asleep on back seat. When he came out of the hospital, the care was gone. The word was on TV and radio that a 3 year old had been kidnapped. The police looked for the child & the car & thief as well. They found the car abandoned on a side street, but no child. People in the city were anxious as hours passed by. There was a young Vietnam veteran who lost a part of both legs who was an avid CBer and had specially equipped van. He started looking for the child as he thought the child might be near the abandoned car. Maybe the thief did not take the child but left him there. So he drove up streets and alleys shining his light in dark places. He passed an old house and saw a swing piled with newspapers. He thought he saw movement which led him to stop and get out. He hobbled through snow and up the icy walk while calling out the child’s name. Then the papers stirred with a frightened and sobbing voice cried out, “Daddy, Daddy, is that you Daddy?” The answer was, “No, son, this is not your Daddy, but I came here to take you to your Daddy.” That is why we are here—to bring others to Jesus.

There was a man there who was sick of the palsy, a man that was given by Biblical writers to any number of degenerative diseases resulting in paralysis. Whatever his illness was, the man could not walk or get around under his own power, he was completely bedridden, and suffered greatly. This man had four friends who were very good friends indeed. They believed that if they could just get him to Jesus, he would be healed of his lameness. Jesus had already performed many miracles of healing, so the four friends carried this poor crippled man’s bed to the house where Jesus was.

When they got to the house, they found they could not begin to get through the crowds. They didn’t give up, though; they had faith that Jesus could heal their friend if they could just get him to Jesus. In desperation, they came up with an innovative plan, one that was bold and daring --- they took him up to the roof of the house, cut through the roof, and lowered his bed down to where Jesus sat teaching the crowd.

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I. A MANIFESTATION OF FULLNESS (vvs. 17-18) “The power of the Lord was present…Men brought a man who was paralyzed”— Many people were spectators who just came to watch; others wanted to hear the Word of God; and some were there to listen and criticize. Power is associated with healing in Luke and here is a great example. The four men believed that they could find help for their friend. The 4 men show their faith and determination as Jesus manifests the fullness of His power.

1. Definite situation (v. 17a) “Now it happened on a certain day, as He was teaching”-- The fame of the Teacher had brought to Galilee religious leaders from all parts of the land. They were listening critically to His teaching. The religious leaders spent much time defining and discussing the huge body of religious tradition that had been accumulating for more than 400 years since the Jews’ return from exile. They were so concerned with these man-made traditions, in fact, that they often lost sight of Scripture. Here these leaders felt threatened because Jesus challenged their sincerity and because the people were flocking to him. The healing and forgiving of a paralyzed man was further evidence of Jesus’ authority and power to make others ceremonially clean. Luke noted that a number of religious officials were present at the occasion, including some from Jerusalem who perhaps were the most influential.

2. Divine Savior (v. 17b) “The power of the Lord was present to heal them”— Jesus faced a crisis decision. Would He keep the healing powers to Himself in the face of unbelieving leaders with political powers? Or would He heal and let these leaders react as they would? His opponents certainly made a power play. They brought in the troops from every corner of the country to wait, watch and react. There was power in the air. The room was charged with divine power.

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