Summary: Examine eight ingredients that should be present as we seek to bring our friends to Jesus.

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Look at four ingredients that should be present as we seek to lead our friends to Jesus. Next week we will look at the other four ingredients.

1. In bringing our friends to Jesus we must see the person.

-In our text a group of men see a cripple man that needed Jesus.

-We are in the people business.

Illustration: You will remember the little hand movement that is used to teach children about the church. Children interlock their fingers in a clinched appearance with the knuckles pointing upward. As the knuckles are pointed upward they say, “Here is the church”. As they point the two (pointing) fingers upward they say, “here is the steeple.” As they invert the clinched fingers and show all of the fingers of both hands they say, “open the door and see all of the people.” We are, in fact, in the people business.

-Jesus was a people person. He spent time with people. (Mention: Zacchaeus, the woman at the well, Matthew, etc.)

2. In bringing our friends to Jesus we must respond to people’s needs.

The cripple man had significant needs. The men responded to the man but also to his needs. We need to respond to people with a “holistic” approach. People are more than “souls.” It is the eternal soul that ultimately matters but the door to the soul is often the person’s need.

- Responding to needs breaks the ice so that we can share.

- Responding to needs legitimizes our message.

3. In bringing our friends to Jesus we must see our service as a partnership.

- We should view our service to Christ somewhat like a chain. A chain is characterized by two dynamics.

(1) A chain is made up of independent links. Each link contributes to the overall chain.

(2) A chain is interdependent. Each link is dependent on every other link.

4. In bringing our friends to Jesus we must follow our instincts.

- Bringing others to Jesus is a natural instinct. It does not have to be taught or shared.


(1)After meeting Jesus Matthew planned a party for his friends so that they might meet Jesus. (Luke 5:27-32)

(2)After meeting Jesus Andrew brought his brother to Jesus. (John 1: 40-42)

- Some things are instinctive.

(1) If you saw a wrecked car with people inside and the car was beginning to burn you would instinctively try to help.

(2) If you knew a twelve year old girl was trapped in a burning house you would instinctively try to get her out.

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