Summary: the danger of misplaced trust in things instead of in trusting God.

Broken Cisterns

Jeremiah 2:13,19

Primary Purpose: The danger of misplaced trust in things instead of in God.


Most of us know how important water is to sustain life. I’ll never need

a rain gauge. Every time it rains and I come to church somebody is telling me

how many inches of rain they got. We know it’s important for the animals in

the field, the crops and for us as well. It provides nourishment and life. The

human body is mostly water. We can survive without food for 40 days or

more, but we can’t go long without water. This is what God is saying about

Himself here in Jeremiah 2:13,19. He is the streams in the desert, the springs

of living water. (Read Scripture)

This is not the first time God has used this analogy in scripture.

Symbolically, it can be seen in Exodus 17:5-6. Moses and the people of God

are in the desert and they are complaining that there is no water. God directs

Moses to a special rock from which water pours. This is symbolic of Christ.

Christ is our rock and from Him waters of life flow. Jesus calls us to Himself

to drink of His water. John 7:37-38 “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me

and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of

living water will flow from within him.”

I. God accuses the people of rejecting Him as the source of living water for

themselves. The water symbolizes:

1. Life- real abundant life comes only from Him. Only through Him and

knowing Him can we experience the abundance that He wishes for us to

have. Most of us resemble more the withered branches and grass of a land of

drought because we aren’t spending time with him, we aren’t depending on

HIm, we aren’t trusting Him.

2. Nourishment- Jesus said that man does not live by bread alone. Just as

our physical bodies need food, our spiritual bodies need spiritual food. That

food is the Word of God. Most of us are eating only once a week. We look

like people starving to death, slowly. We don’t share because we have

nothing to share. The table is full, but we refuse to eat. How dangerous and

foolish is that. Jesus encourages us to come to the table and eat.

II. God accuses the people of misplaced trust. He says the things you trust in

are like broken cisterns. They can’t hold water. You reject what is best and

put your faith in what is weak. God tells them this is to their own harm. God

says it is evil and bitter for you when you forsake the Lord and have no awe

of Him.

What are some things that are broken cisterns today you might ask? I think it

can be anything that we place our trust in that isn’t Christ. For some it may

be church membership. For others it may be a baptism experience. For some

it may be church attendance or good works. For others it could be serving the

church. It can be something good or bad. But, if it isn’t Christ, then it’s a

broken cistern that I have put my faith in. Have you put your full faith and

trust in the living waters. Are you going to those waters and filling up your

spirit on a regular daily basis? Or are you more like the starving man that has

nothing to share? I would encourage you to put your faith and trust

completely in Jesus Christ to save you. Lean on nothing else. If your saved I

would encourage you to commit yourself to daily go to Him for nourishment

for your soul. Don’t be like the man who refuses to eat when the table is full. Most Christians seem to act as though they have everything under control and don’t need much of God until they get into trouble. If confessing sin and spending time with God. Most of the time they are holding their breath. Until they get into trouble, then they spiritually hyperventilate until the trouble passes. God wants us to depend on Him and trust Him all the time. Not just when things are going poorly. Trust Him completely with every aspect of our lives.

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