Summary: If your life has been broken into many pieces come to Jesus.


Ps. 51 : 17, 34 : 18, 69 : 20, & Prov. 17 : 22

Many times we talk about being hurt and broken, we believe the saying that time heals all wounds, we believe that a few comforting words, a little sympathy will make everything alright, and we don’t understand when people don’t seem to bounce back from something the way we think they should or as soon as we think they should. We believe that time should have healed their hurt by now, but what we fail to understand is that there is a difference between being hurt and being broken. Since we don’t understand that we cast judgment on them and say things like they just need to get saved or let it go, because we never really understand the difference between being hurt and being broken.

Children are growing up in a society that has pushed them aside, cast them off, and rejected them as normal, acceptable, and viable members of the social order, they have even classified them as being called “Generation X” the unknown. They are becoming adults that have no direction in their lives, wondering aimlessly, bound, confused, and perplexed. Some have been mentally, physically, and sexually abused. Feeling rejected, dejected, and alone, they are hopelessly waiting to die, imagining that everything will be over if what they have experienced to be life would just cease from being.

Many people in society are being incarcerated mentally, physically, and spiritually. Although free from the human judicial system, are regretfully imprisoned in a far more cruel and ultimately eternal prison. They are sentenced with a life sentence of emotional emasculation, depression, anxiety, low/no self esteem, and phobia’s; some are on the habitual death row of deadly narcotics, alcohol, careless, unsafe, and uninhibited sexual activity. Others have been placed in a solitary confinement of physical pain, discomfort, and disease. They are being held captive behind these seemingly impenetrable bars and inescapable walls, being made to believe that this is all there is to life. Mentally messed up, emotionally emasculated, and spiritually lost, they are aimlessly wandering through life busted, disgusted, and broken.

Their lives are shattered, their dreams are non-existent, their hope is gone, they are being battered by the angry sea of sin, tossed to and fro, bouncing from relationship to relationship, being drug down through the gutters of degradation. Their self respect has been broken, their esteem has been broken, their reputation has been broken, their innocence has been broken.

They are disappointedly unable to see that God has a far more excellent and abundant life. They are struggling trying to break free unable to come into the freedom that is promised to them. They are unable to understand that the price of their freedom has already been paid, they don’t have to remain in a broken condition, their shattered lives can be put back together, they can have life and have it more abundantly all they have to do is COME and let Jesus put the broken pieces of their lives back together again.

Anybody ever been broken?

According to the dictionary:

Hurt is : to affect adversely, to injure, and to feel pain, to become damaged or harmed.

Broken: comes from a Hebrew word called SHABAR : it means to crush into pieces, shattered, bruised, violated, not functioning properly, disconnected, overwhelmed with sorrow, raped, plundered, maltreated, desecrated.

A Hurt is heartbreak, such as you and so-n-so have been dating for a while and for some reason you break up it’s a heartbreak, it hurt you, it will make you cry, loose a night or two of sleep. Hurt may cause you to miss a meal or two, when you are hurt you can still come to church, smile enough that sykes everyone out, you can still testify, sing, and say Praise the Lord and pretend that everything is alright, you can fake it until you make it, you understand that in time the hurt will heal, the pain will go away, after some comforting words and shows of compassion you’ll be alright. When you are hurt you can say the scripture that says, “Weeping May endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

Broken is more than a heartbreak, but it is a broken heart, a heartbreak will cause you to cry, but a broken heart can cause you to die. When you are broken you begin to develop illnesses that you never had before, you begin to worry and have anxiety, fretfulness develops, bad tempers are ever present, hatred and malice start to rule you, you begin to feel hopeless and helpless, you begin to think that you are no-more of any good, Why because you have been broken. You have been raped by the devil, I’m not talking about raped like you may be thinking about, forced to have sexual intercourse, I’m talking about raped, beaten, abused, used, mistreated, desecrated, plundered, R.A.P.E.D. repeatedly abused, plundered, emasculated, and desecrated by the devil way down deep in your spirit, in your bowels of compassion, not just your feelings have been hurt but you have been broken, you are not functioning properly, sorrow has set in deep,

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