Summary: Describes how God used the Sanctuary to teach the Children of Israel about His plan of salvation. This sermon is suited for all ages. Children and adults came up after church to ask questions.

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At 80 years old, Moses was resigned to a life of tending the sheep in a peaceful Midian wilderness.

The life of the Egyptian court was a fading memory of 40 years past.

But God had a different idea. He called Moses through a burning bush to go back into Egypt to lead His people out.

Moses returns to Egypt and demands the release of God’s people, the Children of Israel.

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God wanted to prove to His people that He is worthy to be worshiped by showing His people that the gods of Egypt were powerless compare to the great “I am.”

So what are some of the most powerful Egyptian gods:

-Hapi – god of the Nile

Heket – goddes of fertility, water and renewal – symbolized by the frog

Geb – god of the eart

Khepri – god of creation

Hathor – goddess of love and protection.

Isis – goddess of medicine and peace

Nut – goddess of the sky

Seth – god of storms and disorder

Ra – The Sun God

Pharaoh – The Ultimate Power of Egypt lies in the hands of Pharaoh

And on the other side was Yahweh

Slide 3:

Pharos refuses to let the Children of Israel go so God strikes Egypt with 10 plagues.

Water to blood ? Hapi – god of the Nile became a pool of blood

Frogs ? Heket – goddes of fertility symbolized by the frog became an annoyance

Gnats or Lice ? Geb – god of the earth – But the dust of the earth became lice that bit them.

Flies? Khepri – god of creation was powerless as flies just appeared.

Livestock Diseased ? Hathor – goddess of love and protection could not project cattle and livestock from disease.

Boils ? Isis – goddess of medicine and peace could not heal them from the boils and sores.

Thunder and Hail ? Nut – goddess of the sky could not control the hail in the form of fire coming from heaven.

Locusts ? Seth – god of storms and disorder would not prevent the locusts sent from swarming the sky and eat what ever vegetation was left.

Darkness? Ra – The Sun God, is the most powerful of Gods, could not stop God from covering the sun up.

Death of the Firstborn ? Pharaoh – The Ultimate Power of Egypt lies in the hands of Pharaoh, yet Pharaoh could not protect is own son.

Not only did God destroy the crops, livestock and people of Egypt.

God showed His people that the gods of Egypt were powerless compare to Himself.

The Children of Israel also took a lot of riches from their masters as they left Egypt.

The document on the upper right is the corresponding account of the ten plagues in Egyptian. It is not exactly the same but it is close enough that most scholars believe the two accounts describe the same event.

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Israelites traveled across the Wilderness of the Red Sea.

Slide 5:

As they came to the Red Sea, they discovered that the Egyptian army was right at their heels.

God prevented the army from catching them and parted the sea for them to cross.

After the Israelites had crossed over God released the Egyptian army. They charged into the parted sea only to discover the water returning to wash them all away.

Here are some chariot wheels found near the site believed to be the crossing.

Slide 6:

God had prepared a land bridge for them to cross. They crossed the land bridge under the Red Sea into the land of the Midianites. The Rea Sea is very deep. The deepest point of the Red Sea is about 500 feet. But at one spot, there seems to be a land bridge that is about 15 feet under water.

The land of Midian is modern day Saudi Arabia. Moses spent 40 years in this land while tending the sheep. He knows the land and was able to lead the Children of Israel safely. See how God has prepared a bridge and a leader that knows the land?

From the crossing, the Israelites traveled to Mt. Sinai.

Slide 7:

The Children of Israel gathered at the foot of Mt. Sinai. God showed Himself at the top of the mountain. In Exodus 19:16 - And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.

God appeared to them in thunder and lightning. Notice that the top of the mountain is blackened. That black part is not a shadow but rather the top of the mountain is totally blacken by fire. None of the other surrounding mountains have this phenomena. This is the only mountain that God descended and this is the only mountain that has been scorched.

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