Summary: This sermon looks at 4 building blocks to better Marriages: Covenant Relationship, Commitment, Caring, and Celebration.

Building Better Marriages

Matthew 19:1-12

How many people have you known who have been divorced?

How many happily married couples do you know?

What can we do to Build Better Marriages?

Getting back to the Master’s Call for Marriage – Matt. 19: (notes from the text about marriage and the need to get back to the "beginning - God’s plan for our marriages)

Building Blocks for a Better Marriage





Foundational Building Block to a Better Marriage = COVENANT Relationship.

Examples of a Covenant Relationship:

God w/ Abram Gen. 17:3-8; Moses Ex. 19; David 2Sam 7:12-29

Prophets Jer. 31, Ezek. 37; Hos. 2

David & Jonathon 1Sam. 18:1-3; Ruth & Naomi Ruth1:16-17

New Covenant through Jesus – Matt. 26:28

Marriage as a Covenant – Prov. 2:16-17, Malachi 2:14-16

Covenant Marriage by Gary Chapman

Marriage Contract Covenant Relationship

1. Limited Time 1. Based on Steadfast Love

2. Based on if … then 2. unconditional Promises

3. Focused on what I get 3. Seeks benefit of the other

4. Involves unspoken details 4. Requires Confrontation

And Forgiveness

Marriage is not…

A contract agreement

A piece of paper that formalizes our relationship

An institution of our society

Marriage is… a Covenant Relationship between a man and a woman ordained & blessed by God! Vs. 4-6

Marriage is a Covenant With God; Through Love; For Blessings to each

Building Block for a Better Marriage = COMMITMENT

Vs. 5

Committed to “Leaving” whatever might hinder your relationship with your spouse.

What or Whom brings hindrance to your Marriage?

Committed to “being United – Clinging = kollao (glued together, cemented, fastened, cleave to) Ill> Life Boat

Committed to Doing whatever you can to make the Marriage work - Investing in your marriage.

… to Believe in your life mate.

…to Resolving any Conflict

…to Love – 1Cor. 13:4-8

Building Block for a Better Marriage = CARING

Eph. 5:21-32

Care enough to treat well – to honor, to respect, to be kind, to cherish, to do the little things every day that make a difference.

Care Enough to Communicate clearly to one another.

What do you care about? Those are the ones you spend time with, do nice things for, etc.

Building Block for a Better Marriage = CELEBRATING

Matt. 19:5b-6; “… and the two will become one flesh. So they are not longer two, but one. …”

Ref. Gen. 2:25-25 - there was no shame – there was a such an openness and vulnerability.

This Oneness is so much more than just Physical – It is being One Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, and One in Love.

So Celebrate Your Marriage – take time out, renew your vows, watch your wedding Video, Look at your Marriage Pictures, Recount your Blessings through the years, etc.


A. God has Ordained Holy Matrimony for our Benefit: for security, for our emotional wellbeing as well as to Bless us in every way.

B. So here is the Goodnews: No matter where you are at in your Marriage, God is With YOU! God wants to Bless and Help you to have a Satisfying, Strong, and Successful Marriage.

I honestly believe that the further we – as a society turn away from God – the more Family problems we will have.

As the Creator, the One who Ordained Marriage – the One who Planned it for our Benefit – he knows how it is to be done best!

So here is our Choice: Do you follow the pattern for Marriage from your Parents? From Dr. Phil and Oprah (not that they are always wrong)? From a friend? Or do you Seek God’s Plan for your Marriage?

C. The Best Marriages begin with a Covenant Relationship that involves Commitment, Caring, and Celebration!

Where is God calling you to BETTER your Marriage?

How can you make your Marriage a Covenant Relationship?

How committed are you to your spouse to your Marriage?

Is there something God is calling you to Leave in order to better your Marriage?

How can you Better Care for your Spouse? Honor, Respect, Time, doing nice things, communicating?

How can you Celebrate your Marriage? Making time for the two of you? Recounting your Love Story, your Blessings?

Will you Invest in your Marriage with the 30 days for Marriage through

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This sermon was outstanding

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This was good..yet when i tryed to pdf, evernote , or upword only 1st page with all ads also showed no matter if i clik view all on one page...sighhhhh

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