Summary: Fellowship with one another is important, but if we do not have fellowship with God then we have missed out on the most important fellowship.

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Building Real Fellowship With God

I John 1:5-10

I. Our Barrier to Fellowship (v. 5-6, 8, 10)

A. We must recognize the holiness of God (v. 5-6)

1. If we live a life of sin then we are not recognizing the holiness of God

2. We need to be as tolerant as God when it comes to sin. Our problem today is that we have decided that God is tolerant of a range of sins from lifestyle issues to the worship of other gods.

B. We must recognize who we are (v. 8)

1. When we recognize the holiness of God we will recognize who we are (Isaiah 6:5)

2. Until we recognize who we are we cannot be saved because we will think we have no problem with sin. We will believe the world’s view of man and that is that man is basically good.

C. We must truthful about who we are (v. 6,10)

1. If we attempt to hide our sin we are liars

2. If we pretend that we have no sin we say God is a liar

3. The light of God’s word brings out the truth.

a. Reason the backslidden rarely attend church

b. God’s light will either result in running to the truth or running from the truth.

II. Our Way to lasting fellowship (v. 7, 9a)

A. It Begins with the blood (v. 7c)

1. Everything when it comes to our relationship and fellowship with God hinges on the blood of Christ. “Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin.” – Hebrews 9:22

2. There can be no fellowship or relationship with God except through the cross of Christ

B. It depends on confession & repentance (v. 9a)

1. Confession = Agreement

2. Repentance = Change

3. Both confession and repentance must occur if you want real fellowship with God. (Illu. Use Adam and Eve as example of walking with God and walking from God)

C. It is revealed by our walk (v. 7) The decision you make today concerning your fellowship with God will be revealed tomorrow in how you conduct yourself in a world that does not recognize God. It will reveal itself in the things you say. Your walk reveals your level of fellowship.

III. Our Source of Fellowship (v. 9b)

A. His Faithfulness

1. Faithful to forgive

2. Faithful to forget (Ps. 103:12, Isaiah 38:17)

B. His Justice

1. His justice is without mercy if we chose not to accept His gift of salvation. He will give you what you desire. If you chose not to receive Christ then you are saying to God I would rather go to hell. God is just and will give you what you want and deserve.

2. His justice also reflects mercy as we accept Christ by confessing what we are and who He is.

C. His Cleansing

1. Close message by reading Hebrews 9:11-15

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