Summary: A message of exhortation when it comes to working in the church FOR the Lord.

Building the Church and Serving the Lord

Joshua 1:7-9


Go to the book of Joshua.

This morning, we are going to examine some words of encouragement from the Joshua, which was given to him directly from the Lord.

I want you to see how it applies to your life in all facets, especially when you look at your own life and how you obey the Lord; study the Word of the Lord; and how God will look after you.

The first two things I just mentioned are mandatory for the believer – they are not optional – and the focus this morning is to ask yourself are you in God’s will? Are you obeying the Lord in these two areas and if not, perhaps today can be the day that you begin these things.

This morning, if you came to church I want you to leave different than when you walked in – but more importantly, you have come into God’s house to worship Him, and the study of His Word is an act of worship!

God is calling out to you and trying to get your attention, are you listening?

In your bibles go to Joshua, Chapter 1 and let’s read verses 7-9 together.


Point 1 – Obey the Lord (v7)

This verse is so important I could preach on it all day long.

God is speaking to Joshua here and making it very clear that Moses is no longer around, and it is important that Joshua understand that he needs to step up.

This applies directly to you and I today.

Those who have gone before us in the church are no longer here – it is up to those who are in the pews today to carry on the work of the ministry.

Simple church attendance no longer will do – this world is dying and let me ask you the very simple question: Do you care?

Do you care that others are going to hell and that one day God will ask you why you did not tell that person about Jesus?

Look at God’s encouragement to Joshua: Be strong and courageous, be careful to obey all the law; do not turn from it so that we will be successful.

When we apply the Word of God to our lives, God is with us and allows us to be successful. In this success, we have a chance to be blessed and follow in the steps of those who have come before us in the church.

People have been obeying The Great Commission since Jesus gave it to us, and we are called today to do the same.

You want a perfect opportunity to obey The Great Commission? By a show of hands right now, who is willing to commit right now to work during Vacation Bible School?

Without workers, we will be canceling VBS this year and the reason will be simple … it will be because the church members are unwilling to follow in Jesus’ command to spread the Gospel.

Do you see how it works? Do you see how Joshua needed to pay attention to what the Lord is saying? Put your own name in there … we are called to obey in the same manner!

Point 2 – Meditate on the Word (v8)

Do you ever wonder why your faith does not grow? Do you ever wonder why you are not seeing the Lord manifest His growth in you day and night?

We are also called to meditate on the Word of God.

Re-read verse 8

Day and night we are to meditate on God’s Word. When we meditate we are thinking, questioning, pondering, and looking for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

We need to see this verse, apply it in conjunction with Phil 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”) and be willing to step out and do the work of the Lord!

Chad preached on Wednesday night about looking into the Word to be restored (Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”)

Are we resting in the Lord because we have studied and prepared or are we simply ignoring what God is saying to us because it is convenient?

God speaks to Joshua to not let the Word depart from our mouths, which means every single conversation; every single action; every single preparation of our hearts NEEDS TO BE and MUST BE for God!

This is what we are called to do! If we are not following this guidance, we are living our lives in willful disobedience and sin against the Father! It is time church, to change our ways and seek God’s redemption in our lives.

I am not talking about Salvation – I am talking about obedience to God! The Word says in Joshua 1:8 that we are to meditate on the Word day and night. Are you? If not, it is willful disobedience!

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