Summary: Building the house of prayer must start with the individual and move into the corporate church body.

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Building the House of Prayer

James 5:13-18

I. There is the Call to Prayer (v. 13-16a)

A. The Subjects for Prayer (v. 13-14)

1. The brethren

2. Those that are suffering

3. Those that are sick

4. Those who are rejoicing

B. The Strength of Prayer (v. 15-16a)

1. Faithful praying is according to God’s will

“…that if we ask anything according to His will He will hear us” – I John 5:14

2. Faithful praying is prayer that expects results

C. The Source of Prayer

1. The Word of God

2. The Word will line up with the will of God

Examples of God’s Promises:

• If there is a need, God will meet it – Phil. 4:19

• If there is fear, God will replace it – II Tim. 1:7

• If there is a burden, God will lift it – I Peter 5:7

• If there is a need for someone to be saved, God will deal with them – II Peter 3:9

• If there is sin, God will forgive it – I John 1:9

II. There is the Character of Prayer (v. 16b)

A. The Type of Prayer

1. Effective

2. Fervent (earnest)

How can we become more effective and earnest in our prayers?

• We can’t pray in ignorance to biblical truths and pray effectively

• We must pray with specific people, things and results in mind

• We must pray in faith, confident that the God of heaven not only hears, but answers

B. The Type of Person Who Prays Effectively and Earnestly (v. 16c)

1. The prayer of the righteous gets results (I John 3:22)

2. The prayer of the unrighteous will not bring results (Ps. 66:18)

“We have no power in prayer if we have no righteousness in life” – Dr.

Johnny Hunt

III. There is the Confidence of Our Praying

A. We can be confident that God hears us

B. We can be confident that God will answer

What Can We Learn From Elijah’s Prayer life?

1. Insight into Elijah’s prayer life

• He was like us – “..with a nature like ours..” – v. 17

• He was passionate – “…he prayed earnestly…” v. 17

• He prayed purposefully – “..that it might not rain…” – v. 17

• He prayed persistently - “And he prayed again…” v. 18

2. Insight into the Holy Intervention on Behalf of Elijah’s Prayers

• God demonstrated His power to stop

• God demonstrated His power to start

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