Summary: the parable of the talents and the outcome

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Intro: generally the story of the buried talent is about our responsibility in giving of our finances. But talents go beyond just our money, people have gifts, abilities that God has given them to use, but in many cases these talents get buried. Today, let’s look at the problems associated with a buried talent.

The Buried Talent

Matthew 25:14-30

1. people bury their talent because they feel inferior to the people with more talents. You hear people say, why don’t you ask someone else, I am sure they will do a better job. People see someone else who seems multi-talented and it makes them feel worthless, or they become intimidated by the talents of others.

2. People don’t see the true value of their talent. Your talent is precious to God or He wouldn’t have given it to you. Surely He didn’t give it to you to hide it away. There are people who need you to step out in faith and use your talent for the Lord.

3. People don’t make their talent known, then use the excuse that no one really needs them anyway. You have to put your talent out there for it to become a blessing.

4. Insecurity about being rejected will bury more talents than anything else. Most people are so fearful about being rejected they won’t step out with God. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

5. Another big problem--people try to be used in talents they don’t possess. The bible says let a thing be established by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. You need confirmation on what your talents are, and also on what they are not. Just because you want to be used in a certain area, doesn’t mean that area is one of your gifts.

6. if you don’t use your talent, it will be taken away and given to another. God will actually take away that talent you have and give it to someone who will use it correctly.

7. God can’t multiply you until you are faithful in what He has already given you. Most multi-talented people started out with a few talents, but as they gave them faithfully to God, they were expanded, increased and multiplied.

close: the good news in this story, no one was without a talent. Here is a good word for you today, you have been given some things that God wants you to use. He didn’t give you all your talents just for your gain, but He gave you talents to be a blessing in His kingdom.

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