Summary: A sermon for when people say but you say what has God done form me

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“But You Say”


This week I was thinking about how so many of us take God for granted or maybe even not for granted but we just do not have a sense of reality about God. In other words we don’t see God in our lives and we have a disconnection from Him. It is sad to say that in churches all across America we have people who are coming to Church because they feel it is expected of them, or they are putting on a show for the people in their community. So many people don’t have a sense of urgency about their Christian life. Do you realize that when you woke up this morning by the grace of God you were one day closer to Jesus’ return. What have you to accomplish before He comes again should be your morning thought. Many people get up in the mornings and don’t give a single thought to the blessing they had just received. They were blessed with another morning by the grace of God. To many people live their lives with acknowledging that God is in control of their life and He is master of all that happens. Nothing can happen that He already doesn’t know about.

To many Christians today have bought into Satan’s lies. The story is told of a time when Satan held a strategy session for subverting those who were close to salvation. “What shall we do?” asked Satan. A daring demon stood and shouted, “I have it! I know what we can do! We can tell men that there is not life after death, that they die like animals.” Satan’s face fell as he answered, “ It will never work. Man is not ignorant, even atheists admit of times whey sense a tomorrow after death.”

Another demon spoke, “Here’s the solution! Lets say there is not God or if there ever was, he is dead-because even if he started the universe, he has left it now.” Satan replied in dismay, “That won’t work either, most of them know there is a God, even though they don’t seek him.”

Other ideas were presented, but none brought hope to Satan and his underlings. Finally, as they were about to give up, one demon leaped in glee, “ I have it! A sure solution!” The other demons crowed around to hear the plan. “Go tell them that God is real and the Bible is God’s Word.” A gasp came from the audience as the demon continued, “And tell them Jesus is God’s Son and frees men from sin.” The other demons were horror-stricken, thinking that their associate had gone bananas, until, with a smile, he added, “then tell them that this is not the best time to choose Christ. Help them make excuses for delaying their decision. Tell them there is no hurry!” The demons danced in delight, realizing a workable plan had been discovered. Many people have bought into this lie and are putting off salvation. Others have been saved but then have bought into Satan’s lie that since we have been saved we need do nothing else. And yes you do not need to do anything else for salvation but since Christ purchased you out of the slave market of sin, then you have a new master and just as you willing followed your old master, your old sin nature, now you must follow your new master Jesus Christ. Today we are going to examine a people that had rejected God and we are going to see what God has to say about it.

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