Summary: How to keep living holy lives when everything else around you is falling a part.

Sermon: Surviving the Drought by Being Holy 1 Peter 1:13-17, 2:1-3 Sept 15, 2002

2 of 5 in a Series: Sanctification

I. Introduction – Weather Report

A. Current – Well this week’s weather has been a little different then the previous weeks. We had over inches of rain this weekend. The only problem is it still isn’t sufficient to quench the drought

B. Almanac

1. But wait there is hope the Farmer’s Almanac says:

(a) “Expect warm temperatures in the first half of September, followed by a quick cool down. Mid September through October will be three to five degrees cooler than normal. September will be wetter than normal.

(b) Of course it also says if you want to cut your hair to encourage it to grow have it cut on the 8,9,19, or 20th of September; if you want to cut your hair to discourage growth have it cut on 4,5; if you want to entertain do so only on the 4 or 5 (Sorry folks, can’t have a party entertainment days have passed) but there is still time to castrate your animals- you can do that on the 17, 18.

(c) Now I don’t know about you but some of those things make me begin to question the validity of Farmer’s Alamanc when it comes to helping out in the face of a drought

2. But thankfully when we are facing those times of spiritual drought, those times in our jobs, marriages, and church when we are overwhelmed, distressed or disappointed – there is a book we can turn to!

C. I Peter 1: 13-16, 2:1-3

1. Notice this section begins with the word therefore. Whenever you see the word therefore its important that you stop and figure out what its there for before you go on! Therefore, let us reflect back on the previous 12 verses. In verses 1-12 Peter is reminding us that we can be encouraged in the face of our adversities, in the face of a spiritual drought because we were chosen by God, Saved by God, and Shielded by God. He is encouraging us to remember

(a) that we have been adopted by God

(b) that we have been made blameless

(c) that we have been given eternal life

(d) that we have been given glory, honor and peace,

(e) that we have been blessed by the lord,

(f) that we have been give a crown of righteousness and life

(g) that we have been given an incorruptible inheritance,

(h) that we have been given unsearchable riches and treasures in heaven.

2. I hope that sounds familiar – if it doesn’t see me after class and I’ll give you a copy of last weeks sermon.

3. Peter is saying BECAUSE of all God has given you and me - God EXPECTS even demands that we respond in a certain way

II. Look with me if you will at the rest of verse 13 - Gird up Your Lions and be self controlled ( I know some days my house seems like a zoo but I didn’t really know I had lions before know.)

A. “Gird up Your Lions and be self controlled “

1. What does that mean

(a) To Gird up our lions isn’t a modern day term we are use to but if we stop for a moment and look at the words from Peter’s perspective we find new relevant meaning for living in the face of a drought. While at least more meaning then we find in castrating your animals on September 17th and 18th

(b) To Gird up your lions in Peter’s Day meant to gather up your robe and tuck it in your girdle or belt. You see the men were use to wearing long flowing robes that tended to get in the way whenever they need to work or run or do some strenuous activity. So they would pull up the back of the robe to the front and tuck it in their belt. Now I don’t know about you but that creates a rather humorous image for me. An image of a bunch of biblical men walking around in what appears to be diapers. (Sorry, my mind works in strange and mysterious ways)

(c) But it is important image for those of us in a spiritual or emotional drought, it is an image of gathering up all those loose thoughts that run around in your mind and concentrating upon the grace and salvation of God.

(i) It is a getting rid of all the stuff that would get in your way of pursuing holiness in Christ.

(ii) It is a tucking away the loose ends of your life so that you don’t get tripped up on the unimportant, irrelevant, and often falsehoods of life in this world.

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