Summary: The objective of this message is to remind us that violence is a derivative of an internal problem; not the so called external variables.

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In our text this morning; We find the introduction of violence to the human realm. It did not take very long following the fall of man. In chapter 1 and 2 we are greeted by the creation of life. In chapter 3 we find the fall of man and the alteration of life. But in chapter 4 we find the taking of life. That fast the entrance of sin was immediately followed by murder. In John Chapter 8 and verse 44, we are taught that the Devil was a murder from the beginning. In view of the aforementioned passages, we conclude that murder is a derivative of Satanic influence and a sinful heart. There are no more tragic words in the bible than that of Cain killing his brother. He killed not his enemy but his brother. On the one hand the bible uses a brother as a measurement of a close friend. Yet we find Cain killing his brother. In Theology, we have what is called the "Law of first Mentioned." There are many first things in this message. There is the first home. There is the first birth. There is the first documented offering. There is the first youth worship. There is the first example of anger uncontrolled. There is the first attempt of learned cover-up. Papa and Mamma attempted to cover-up with fig leaves. There is the first time that blood cried from the ground. There is first time that God dealt with a murderer.

I. Murder is a Heart Problem.

II. Sin Carries a Great Price.

III. External Condtions May Contribute to, But are not the Cause of Violence. Observe there were none of the so-called causes of violence in existence in Cain’s day. There were no rappers. No TV violence. No drugs. No street gangs. No dead-beat dads. No peer pressure. No school drop-outs. But yet; Cain killed his brother." When I was growing up, we watched the "Untouchables" but we did not become what we watched.

IV. Sin Always Deteriorates: Eve was deceived. Adam part-took. But Cain’s sin was deliaberate.

V. God is Merciful Even to a Murderer. (He placed on him a mark of protection)

VI.Externals Do Not Determine the Qualities of a Man. No one could look at either brother and determine who the potential murder would be. In fact, they appeared on the surface to be ideal citizens. They had jobs, they were from a whole family and they were worshippers.

VII. There Are no External Solutions to Violence. The heart must be changed by God and indwelt by His Holy Spirit.

More police will not suffice.

The National Guard and Military will not do it.

Certainly mid-night basketball is not the answer.

There are only three solutions:

I. Prayer


III. Power of God.

VII. A Man Who Surrenders to his Temper is a Most Dangerous Man.

Conclusion: Jesus demonstrated the greatest use of power on Calvary’s cross. He used His power to save when He could have destroyed the whole world. His power kept Him on the cross that belonged to to you and I. My Friend; "That’s Power!"

May God Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.’

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA.


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James May

commented on Jun 22, 2008

Pastor Johnson, my name is Pastor Jim May and we are just across the river in Ascension Parish. I wanted you to know that I love the message of this sermon and I hope you don't mind if I use some of your thoughts in one of my messages. God bless you brother. Keep up the good work for the Kingdom of God.

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