Summary: As a Christian, You are Called, but Called to do WHAT?

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OPEN: Good morning! I’m glad you’re here. New series: Called


We talked about “Called ”. The first week we

talked about “  ”

THIS WEEK: I want to challenge all Christians that we are “Called to Make Disciples”


to Generosity

Called to Care

TEXT: Matthew 28:19, 20 These are the very last words of Jesus before he left the Earth. Do you think he would waste time talking about what didn’t matter? NO!

19 Therefore go and make disciples of

all nations, baptizing them in the

name of the Father and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and

teaching them to obey everything I

have commanded you. And surely I

am with you always, to the very end

of the age.” Matthew 28:19 (NIV)

John 15:16

You did not choose me, but I chose

you and appointed you so that you

might go and bear fruit

21 “Not everyone who says to me,

‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of

heaven, but only the one who does

the will of my Father who is in

heaven. Matthew 7:21 (NIV)

EXPLAIN: The word “Go” in the passage we red from Matthew 28 in the original Greek language is a present participle. It could be translated “as you go”. In other words, as you do life. Wherever life takes you, whatever you do on a daily basis....make disciples.

You might say “But Pastor Tommy, I

thought we WERE disciples, how are

we supposed to make disciples?”

Here is the truth..........

If you ARE a disciple, you will make

disciples. If you are not MAKING

disciples, then it might be because

you aren’t TRULY a disciple!

Why People Don’t Disciple or Allow Themselves to Be Discipled:

# 1 – I’m Not Ready!

TALK ABOUT FEAR: the pastor might put me in a room and make me teach Junior Highers the Book of Revelation.

No! That’s not what God is talking

about when He says “go....and make disciples”.

Let me ask you some questions:

1) How many of you would say “we have a solid and growing (but not perfect) marriage?

2) How many of you have a good understanding of prayer?

3) How many of you at your

workplace or school, people know

you’re a Christian?

4) Does anyone here have at least a

decent understanding of the Bible?

5) How many of you parents would

say “well our kids aren’t perfect, but we’ve made enough mistakes that maybe we could help other younger parents avoid making

those same mistakes?

6) Or maybe you could say “we’ve

learned a few things about finances and debt and we could pass-on what we know about finances to others”

7) How many of you have been hurt horribly by others and you’ve learned that God can give you supernatural power to forgive and move on with your life?

8) Are there any Believers here that typically spend a good amount of your day around non-believers?

Pastor, why are you asking us all

these questions?

Because YOU are more ready than

you think! (EXPLAIN)

TRANSITION: The second reason people don’t disciple or allow themselves to be discipled is:

# 2 – “I Don’t Need Someone to

Disciple Me”

! Pride

! There is ALWAYS someone who

knows more or has more


! Football Illustration

oOne coach in Pee Wee

oTwo Coaches In Junior High oMultiple Coaches in High School oMore in College and the Pros

! The more advanced you are, the more specialty coaches you need!



! Brand new

! Starting at least 3 new groups ! Begin January 5th





“If reproduction isn’t happening in a

Christian’s life, there’s something

wrong at the core that needs to be

addressed.” – David Platt

If we’re not making disciples, are we

really disciples?” – David Platt

“Big deal, you call me ‘Lord’ but you’re

not doing what I ask.” – Francis Chan

If the tree is for real, it’s going to bear

fruit.” – Francis Chan

“They’re going there (church) hearing

a message and not doing it (making

disciples). They’re deceiving

themselves.” -Francis Chan

“I think there are times when he

(satan) is very pleased that the Word

of God is preached and not obeyed.”

–Francis Chan


4 Then they can urge the

younger women... Titus 2:4a (NIV)


Discipling is our most important life


How Can We Make Disciples? # 1 – By Your Example

17 Join together in following my

example, brothers and sisters, and just

as you have us as a model, keep your

eyes on those who live as we do.

Philippians 3:17 (NIV)

1 Follow my example, as I follow the

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