Summary: Only in coming away and being alone with Jesus will we have the power and provision of God to do His work.

I. The Call to Solitude verses 30-32

A. Called out of the Active Life

Disciples two by two go out to heal the sick, raise the dead etc.

For years they watched Jesus do it. Now it was their turn.

They had seen God’s power worked through them,

Demons cast out, the blind see etc.

The crowds once believing that the miracle power was only in Jesus, now see it multiplied.

For miles around, all who were sick, broken etc. came to them. All of them in desperate need. All of them wanting a miricle, wanting a touch from God. All inflamed with hope that God was present and would not let them down.

IT WAS A VERY BUSY TIME.(the disciples didn’t even have time to eat) But then Jesus says(READ V. 31) COME AWAY...

APPLICATION: Many of us know what it’s like to be busy...Doing great things for God. Important things. What could be more important than seeing people freed from their sins. But Jesus wants balance. At some point after a time of busyness Christ calls us to solitude.

B. Jesus calls us to a quiet that he knew quite well

Mark 1:35 After prayer alone he decides where his next outreach would be.

Luke 6:12 Choosing of the 12 Apostles

John 5:16ff Sabbath controversy-Jesus only does what he sees his father doing.

Luke and Matthew 4: led by the Spirit to solitude of the desert.

APPLICATION: Do we have decisions to make? Big ones that may change the lives of those who depend on us? Then Jesus is saying, Come Away...Getting married? Starting a new career or Job? COME AWAY

II. The Challenge of Solitude verse 32--34

Jesus is determined that the disciples come to a place alone with him...

The crowds are determined to get their needs met.

Jesus wanted the disciples to be alone with him in prayer...

The crowds wanted Jesus and the disciples to continue to meet their needs with power.

APPLICATION: Whenever you determine that you will take time alone, you WILL face opposition.Both within and without


Isn’t this a waste of time?

But look at all I’ve got to do?

Particularly a danger to those of us who gain worth from what they do.


No one looks for you to do anything for months-all of a sudden you’re desperately needed for 10 major projects.

TRANSITION: It’s tempting to bend to these demands. But it was important to Jesus that the disciples get away. Don’t give in.

Notice Verse 34 The disciples were listening to Jesus. Earlier verses-they were busy. Now they were listening while Jesus taught.

TRANSITION: Though you’re challenged to turn away from it, Jesus calls us to come away. IT was important enough for him that he would not let even the legitimate needs of thousands to get in the way of it.It’s hard to do. But struggle through it. Press on. IF you do you may see the power of God.

III. The Power of Solitude verse 35-41

They had seen miracles before. But this was totally new. This raised their ministry to a totally different level. The two nearest cities had maybe 6000 people total. But Jesus fed 5000 men + women and children.

APPLICATION: DO you want to see the power of God? Jesus says come away. A new level? Come away.Do you want to do things you’ve never dare dream of?

Some of you, in the quiet, heard God tell you astonishing things. Presumptuous? If you want to see them realized, Jesus says come away with me.

IV. The Provision of Solitude verse 42-44

Started with not enough for even 1 disciple to have enough. After-each has a full supply.

APPLICATION: DO YOU HAVE NEEDS. COME AWAY. Only in time away can we hear his words and have confidence that he will meet our needs.

V. Steps towards making Solitude a part of your life.

1. Spiritual direction don’t think you can do it alone.

2. Read some good books on the subject.

3. Start in small steps.

4. Find a place devoted to solitude and prayer.

5. Take a comp day off and go home. If no one knows you’re there- who will call you?

Do this one only if you can resist the temptation to do all those unfinished projects lying around the house.

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