Summary: This sermon discusses how we should be thankful to God in all circumstances and never forget His blessings even when others do.

A Universal Problem (vs. 11 -12)

- Leprosy: bacterial infection that causes skin ulcers, paralysis, and gangrene

- Separated from society (leprosy villages)

- Could not come in contact with Jesus

A Universal Need (vs. 13)

- All were in need of mercy

- All were in need of healing

A Universal Cleansing (vs. 14)

- All were sent to the priest for inspection

- The clean ones would be certified clean, the sick ones would be confined to the


- All were healed of their leprosy

An Unlikely Response (vs. 15-16)

- Samaritans were a mixed group, believed to have been the descendants of

intermarriages between Jews and local Gentiles

- They were considered better than Gentiles, but lower than the Jews (second class


- The Samaritan was the only one to show thanks

A Lack of Thankfulness (vs. 17-19)

- God expects praise for His blessings

- His faith saved his life

Truths for Today

1) Sin is our universal problem (Romans 3:23 ..all have sinned)

2) Everyone is need of a Savior (Romans 6:23..the wages of sin is death)

3) Jesus has the power to clean up sin (Col. 1:13-14) Purchased our freedom and forgiven

our sins

4) Praise is an appropriate expression of our thankfulness (Ps. 18:3 “I will call upon the


5) Our faith in God will save our souls (Heb. 11:6…without faith it is impossible to please God)

We just like the lepers need to come back to God and thank Him for what he has done.

How are you showing your thankfulness to God?

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