Summary: Isaiah experiences the call of God and submits to God

Isaiah 6:1-8 “Here am I, Send me”


Isaiah’s commission comes to him when he realizes God and His greatness. King Uzziah or Azariah died. II Ki 14:21,15:3. Hos 1:1, Am. 1:1. Isaiah was son of Amoz II Ki. 19:2, 20:1, II Chr. 26:22, Is. 1:1, 6:1.

6:1-4Greatness of God:

He is Yahweh. He is El. He is El-elohim. God seated on the throne- high and exalted throne. His throne is throne of Justice. Ps.45:6. He rules overall. Ps 103:19.Yahweh is God of mountains and God of valleys.

Who is comparable to God?The beautiful robe is around his waist. God is revered by Angels, Four living beings, 24 elders. He is surrounded by the heavenly choirs with multitudes of the saints and the holy angels. He is worthy and worthy. He is beyond our imagination. He lives in the Glories of Angels and praises of saints.

He is Holy, Holy, Holy. His only name is Holy. No one can dare to accuse him. When Jesus lived on the earth, in the form of Son of God, in the name of Jesus, there was none to put his finger against him. He asked his disciples, followers, his enemies to accuse him. They were not able to find fault with him. They brought all false allegations.

He is full of compassion, He is full of Love, He is full of Blessings. He is ever living and giving God. He lacks nothing, he has nothing to compare unto Him. He has no shadow of it. He is full of Mercy, full of forgiveness, He pities for the unsaved, He cries with the down trodden and the oppressed. He stretches hand for the poor and needy.

6:5Unworthiness of Isaiah:

When you look into the greatness of God, the glory, the honor, the awesome and the qualities of God, makes you to understand your unworthiness and your inability and your weakness.

Isaiah looks himself in the light of God’s greatness and qualities. He looks himself as a sinner, as a weak person, as a unworthy person. He looks himself as very small and useless. He says his eyes are unclean, his lips are unclean, his heart is unclean, and his body is unclean. He is full of human values, earthly desires, after earthly blessings. No place for sacrifice, no place for God and His values, No place for God’s Call and God’s vision.

His own situation is pathetic, his people are full of jealousy, selfishness, no one to stand for God, no one to help his ministry, no one listens to His preaching, no one repented from their sins, they want to have mere programs, and time passing events.

Humble Leaders responded always their unworthiness:

Moses said: Who am I? Ex 3:11.

Gideon said: How can I save Israel? Judg. 6:15.

Saul: I am from the smallest tribe. I Sam 9:21.

David said: who am I? I Sam.18:18

Solomon Said: I am only a little child? I Ki.3:7

Jeremiah said: I am only a child. Jer. 1:6

Job says: my mouth would condemn me (Job. 9:20).

When you come close and closer to God, you will find the greatness of God and your unworthiness and your uselessness, your pride, your self-exaltation and your big mouth and your lawlessness comes to the light of the Gospel. Unless you become like Him. What is the purpose of your life.

6:9-13Tell until the last:

Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?

A very clear sound, confident Call, definite cry from God is always on move. This cry and call for mission and ministry day by day increases.

God looks everywhere in every denomination, in every worship enters and in every worshipping community. God cries day after day, moment after moment that who will go for me.

Go and tell this people. God gave definite plan, definite place, definite people, definite time frame, and definite result. God is not God of vague ideas and ambiguous purposes.

The world History moves with perfect direction with strong will of God. Everything will come to an end. The day will come, where no one can escape from the accountability. Every sermon you hear, every message comes to you is always with a purpose and plan of God.

God would like to bless you. Make you a blessing to others. Nothing you can keep with you. Everything is for others.

The congregation where Isaiah served as Pastor and preacher, had the problem: Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing and never perceiving.

There was a spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness. Their hearts were full of filthy. Greedy for the worldly riches. Their mouth with arrogance (Pr.17:10), overfed, unconcerned, never helped the poor and needy (Ezek. 16:49).

Rev 3:17: “you say you are rich, I have acquired wealth and need nothing. But you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked”.

Isaiah asked the Lord how long I have to do the Ministry.

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