Summary: All Christians become a Royal Priesthood but we will not live forever on earth!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you; and yes, we will have a time to honor and pray for our moms, but let’s first of all hear from God; and we should all know by now that all of God’s Word apply to all of us; but moms are special and so God’s word can be very unique and special for mothers alone.

And so let’s continue our worship with the current Book we are studying; open your Bibles to Hebrews 7…. Let us note the very special word priest; the original Greek word here in Hebrews 7 is hiereus = priest = sacredly intercedes for people to God! Read along with me now Hebrews 7:23-28….

v23: priests (having sacred duties) called by God either are dead or will die since they are only humans!


v24-25: Jesus Christ lives forever, therefore, the ONLY ONE who can save anyone because He is priest forever to those who believe in Him!

Although Jesus’ physical body suffered and died, He was resurrected (rose from the dead) after 3 days! Jesus is completely alive (body and soul) today and forever!

What does save mean? Hebrews 1:3…. We all personally know that Romans 3:23 is true!!......

All of us have personally sinned against a Holy God. We have all gone astray and disobeyed God! We all deserve to be separated completely from a Holy God!

v26-27: Jesus Christ is the Only One who can purify humans from their sins because even though He is God, He became human but never sinned but suffered and died to pay for the sins of all humans!

Note again v25 – Only those who come to God through Jesus Christ is saved from their sins! We must go to God and through Jesus Christ to be accepted by a Holy God in heaven. God is light, but if we choose to not look or ignore the light, that light will be meaningless to us!

v28: The Old Covenant with human priests had it’s purpose by God to direct people to the New Perfect and Eternal Covenant through Jesus Christ!

the message from this passage is clear: No human priest can save anyone from their sins. We must all accept Jesus Christ as our Only Priest to perfectly and completely cleanse us spiritually!!

Now, let me make a transition… Pastor Tony Evans who is admired by many in the world for his preaching once said “We have a messed up world because we have messed up countries. We have messed up countries because we have messed up communities. We have messed up communities because we have messed up families. We have messed up families because we have messed up you and me!”

If we desire a better world, which we all should, we must all start by accepting Jesus Christ as our only Savior and God to be cleansed! If you have never personally believed and accepted Jesus Christ as your Only Savior and God, today is the day to do it for tomorrow may never come!

Now, what happens when you personally believe and accept Jesus Crist as your Only Savior and God? – Turn with me to 1st Peter 2:4-10…….

All Believers of Jesus Christ are Royal Priests for God!

We Christians can all can lead people to God!

Yes, all Believers of Jesus Christ can lead people to God BUT, Moms, you have a special calling!

Moms, you were especially chosen to carry and birth a person!

Moms, you were especially called to raise a child the way a woman could only do!

And so, let us also note, a woman may not birth a child but can be a mom to anyone!

My mom was called Mama Norma by many who are not my siblings because she treated them like her own sons and daughters! A hero of our faith, Moses, was raised not by his physical mother.

Moms, likely, you are the one who spent or will spend most time with your children!

Moms, you have a very special; calling to be a royal priest for your children and adopted children!

Moms, just a couple of things I’d like to encourage you with:

1. Pray often for your children and adopted children!

2. Take note of Proverbs 22:6….

3. Remember Hebrews 7:22-28: you can not be a priest forever for anyone; lead your children to Jesus Christ!

May all who come behind us find us faithful to Jesus Christ!

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