Summary: After David’s son Absalom was killed the people were in need of a king. Many people will cross David’s path as he returns to Jerusalem to be their king. Some of those people he will be able to trust as loyal friends from the past, but others he will not b

Title: Can I Exhibit Loyalty?

Text: 2 Samuel 19


Well, loyalty is the subject of this message this morning and I’m in 2 Samuel 19. David’s son Absalom is dead now and his army has been defeated. Absalom revolted against his father and sought to take over kingdom, where we left off last week 2 Samuel 18:9 tell us he died in an untimely way, and accident, his head was caught in the branches of a tree while riding his mule and then Joab, the captain of David’s armies ran him through with a Javelin while hanging in this tree. So, where do we go from here? Well, nothing stands in the way of David’s return to Jerusalem to take back his position as king, but will the people of Jerusalem welcome his return? You see what I mean loyalty? This entire chapter contributes to ones feelings of loyalty. How does David earn back people’s trust? Here’s the situation! When David returns to Jerusalem, he sits up a meeting place where people can come and see him and ask questions. Some will come unto him under the disguise of loyalty, while others will come as truly loyal to their leader. You’re going to see what this chapter has to say pertaining to loving our families better.


Let me set the stage to the chapter.

Setting the Stage

A time of Great Mourning

We begin with verse one. “Joab was told, "The king is weeping and mourning for Absalom." (2) And for the whole army the victory that day was turned into mourning, because on that day the troops heard it said, "The king is grieving for his son."

(3) The men stole into the city that day as men steal in who are ashamed when they flee from battle.” Okay, are you getting the picture? Joab is the captain of David’s army and David’s army being the more skilled fighters has defeated Absalom’s army. So, it’s suppose to be a time of the celebrating of this victory, but because the soldiers are able to witness David’s grief over the death of his son Absalom, it seems a days victory had turned into a day of mourning and Joab wants to know why?

Joab’s Advice

So, Joab comes unto David to share some personal advice as captain of his armies.

You might say Joab has been a loyal employee for so many years, but he’s not a man to be trusted. Example: back in 2 Samuel 3:26-29, we read that Joab slew a man while under David’s rule that was in a city of refuge. You understand what I mean? Folks to murder a suspected criminal within a city of refuge was an absolute no, no. Under the Mosaic Law, God established certain cities to be refuge cities were people could flee to and be safe until after they received a fair trial. These cities were to be honored as safe zones. A blood avenger could not slay a murderer without a trial. Well, in 2 Samuel 3, Joab tricked a man to come towards him within one of these cities of refuge and he murdered him without a trial. The city was Hebron and the man Joab murdered was Abner, Saul’s cousin and valiant officer of Saul’s army. He was that officer that continued the war against David after Saul’s death. David’s general, Joab, resented him, but this killing of Abner within sacred city of refuge never sat well with David, but you know what? He didn’t discipline his general because it was a time of war. Well, just day’s prior, Joab killed David’s son Absalom and it was another one of those pleasures within a time of war, but this time David doesn’t overcome the miss justice done to his family.

What does Joab say to David? David the soldiers have won a great victory over the enemy, he’s your son, I realize this, but because you weep over the death of a son that rebelled against you, these soldiers feel they’ve done something terribly shameful to their king.” They can’t even walk around the city with their head’s held high because they conquered and enemy that was out to kill them. It was either kill, or be killed. I don’t know about you, but I think David needs to listen to what Joab has to say even though he’s proven that he can’t be trusted. Why? We have the same situation in today’s life, right now. We have officers in Iraq that feel the soldiers need to complete their job, win the war, and celebrate a great victory together that they can be proud of, but we have other incoming officers that feel we done all we can and it’s time to pull out now. So, I don’t need to tell you, there is a strong feeling of disloyalty within in our nations military. Joab comes to David and says in so many words, V.6 - What is this? Loving those that hate you and hating those that love you? David, your actions give a clear message to your officers and soldiers that they mean nothing to you. You know if Absalom were alive right now; we’d all be dead would that make you happy?

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