Summary: This was a Canada Day message from 2 Chronicles 7:14 giving God's prescription for out nation to come back to God again.


2 Chronicles 7:14

July 02, 2017

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1.) It shocked me about thirty-five years ago when a speaker from the United States stated in lectures at Charlottetown, that about a year or two before that Canada had lost the designation as being a Christian nation.

2.) I have heard since that time that Canada never had been officially recognized as being a Christian nation.

3.) There are newer statistics, but in the late 80s or early 90s I believe about 21% of Canada considered themselves to be Worshippers.

A.) You will notice I said worshippers, not Christians.

B.) You see this 21% represented people who were not only Christians and worshipping Jesus Christ, but it also included those you were worshipping Buddha, Mahammad, Mormons, etc.

C.) Even more shocking than the number of 21% the actual statistics reported by religious groups is actually half what people themselves stated.

4.) The question we have to ask is Can Canada come back from this state of spiritual apathy?

A.) I believe that we certainly can come back from that low.

B.) In 1 Chronicles 7:14 God gives us a prescription for coming back.


1.) Yesterday was Canada Day!

A.) It was a day to celebrate the greatness of this nation.

aa.) Truly this is and has been a great nation.

aaa.) To reach the milestone of 150 years certainly shows that God has blessed this nation in many ways.

aab.) Annual surveys of the nations of this world repeatedly indicate that Canada is one of the greatest countries, and places to live in this whole world.

.01) Even now in 2017, Canada is listed as the second greatest country of the world in which a person can live.

.02) Our country is also listed as being the nation with world’s tenth best quality of life anywhere on this planet.

.030 We can rejoice that we live in such a wonderful country.

2.) Just the same, changes have taken place in the history of our nation.

A.) Over time our nation has drifted from some of the values from the past.

B.) Some of the Fathers of confederation were Christian men who wanted the values of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith to be an integral part of this nation.

B.) Many of us are old enough to remember when our nation was referred to as the "Dominion of Canada".

ba.) This was only dropped in 1982.

C.) When our nation was being formed, there were many terms being considered for Canada.

cb.) Sir John A. Macdonald and others desired that this new country be given the term Kingdom of Canada.

cba.) That was a term that did not go over very well.

.01) England thought the title was a bit presumptive and premature for this new country under the reign of England.

.02) There was also fear that if that name was chosen there could also be retaliation from the United States of America.

cc.) One of the Fathers of Confederation Sir Samuel Tilley from New Brunswick suggested the name "Dominion

of Canada."

cca.) Tilley felt this name would honour England’s reign over us, while acknowledging the presence, Power, and Sovereignty of God for this nation.

.01) Tilley was a man who read the Word of God and prayed every day.

.011) As the plans for this nation were being formulated Tilley was inspired one morning in his Bible reading with a

portion of God’s Word that really touched his heart for this nation.

.02) The motivation came from Psalm 72:8:

.001) "He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth."

.002) The other Fathers of Confederation supported Tilley in the use of this term to describe the new nation.

.003) Part of Psalm 72:8 was also used as the Motto of our nation: “From sea to sea”.

2.) This morning’s Scripture text gives a promise for our nation.

A.) 2 Chronicles 7:14

B.) We are the people who are called by the name of God.


1.) As Christians we need to take the lead in bringing this great nation back to God. He’s talking to us.

A.) As Christians, we are called by the name of Christ.

B.) As the redeemed of the Lord we have a very great privilege, as well as an awesome responsibility.

ba.) In the book of Hebrews we have seen how through Jesus Christ we can come with both confidence and boldness before the throne of God in prayer.

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