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Summary: Taking a frank look at the Present Day Church in light of Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 37.

Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1 – 12

Title: “Can These Bones Live?”

Introduction: Ezekiel was a man who was in “Touch” with God.

· He was living in bondage in the land of Babylon.

· But God was communicating with him through “Visions.”

· One day the Spirit of God came upon Ezekiel and he began to see some very unusual sights.

· Ezekiel saw himself in the midst of a valley filled with the BONES of a great number of people.

· The bones had been there a LONG TIME and they were very dry and scattered.

· Then God asked Ezekiel a very unusual question, “Can These Bones Live?”

· Not knowing what all this meant Ezekiel’s reply was, “God ONLY You know the ANSWER!”

· God continues to explain the vision, “These Bones Represent The Whole House of Israel.” – (The Old Testament Church)

DEFINITION: The “Church” – Everyone who has been BORN AGAIN by the Holy Spirit.


1. These people had PERISHED in the “Valley.”

2. The INTENTIONS of Satan is get you into the LOWEST valley of life possible and ATTACK you!

3. Satan was to get you on HIS LEVEL!

4. 2 Kings 20 God’s people had fought and soundly defeated the Syrians upon the hills.

5. The Syrians mistakenly assumed that Israel’s God was only a God of the hills; therefore they decided to attack them in the valleys. – “Because the Syrians have said, The LORD is God of the hills, but he is not God of the valleys, therefore will I deliver all this great multitude into thine hand, and ye shall know that I am the LORD.”

6. You may be in a valley, but God is a God of the valleys!

THE BONES – A Picture of the Present Day Church.

1. These Bones were the “REMAINS” of the Army of God.

2. This is the way God viewed Israel SPIRITUALLY.

3. This army had, at one time, been a great number of people who were very much ALIVE!

4. The Bones were the REMAINS of people who had FAMILIES, who WORKED TOGETHER, LOVED each other, and SERVED GOD.

5. But now, they were VERY DRY because their LIFE had been GONE for a very, very long time.

6. These Bones were BAREN & LIFELESS. – No Strength or Ability.

7. These Bones were SCATTERED – No Organization and no Structure.

8. The ONLY thing these Bones could do was EXIST. (Just LAY there in the sun)


1. People had DIED. – Very many! – There had been a lot of Casualties.

2. They had FIRST been defeated SPIRITUALLY and then PHYSICALLY.

3. Israel’s GREATEST battles had been OVERCOMING “Idol Worship.” 2 Kings 21:11-12. – Idol Worshipping gives a person the Ability to make up their RULES as they go along. – Idols can’t talk so “you” talk FOR THEM.

4. God’s people brought the BATTLE upon themselves by their TURNING their BACKS upon the Lord God. – (By not ACCEPTING God as the ONLY true and living God!)

CAN THESE BONES LIVE? – This question can only come to those

Whose eyes have been opened to see Awful need for spiritual life.

1. Remember, these Bones represent the “Whole” house of Israel.

2. God was asking Ezekiel what he thought about the POSSIBILITY of Israel coming back to he strength.

3. “Only” God knows”, was his answer.

4. What do you see as you look at the “Present Day” Church?


1. A man in touch with God who will PREACH what God tells him.

2. God told Ezekiel to PROPHESY (speak) unto these Bones (People) the WORDS (Message) of God. (Inspired words).

3. People must be told what God say about what must be done.

4. Because God knows EVERYTHING! – God knows EXACTLY what needs to be done!

5. As Ezekiel began to speak to God’s people there was a NOISE and “A Coming TOGETHER.” – Communicating & Organizing, Structure.

6. Then the MUSCLES & FLESH Formed on the Bones. – Potential Strength.

7. Then the SKIN Formed to Cover their Bodies. – Appearance, they began to LOOK like an army again!


1. “Son of man, Prophesy to the WIND!” – Everything seemed to be there, but there was no LIFE. – Organization, Structure, Potential Strength, Appearance, but they were still lying flat of their BACKS!

2. It took the BREATH of God to bring Adam to his feet in the Garden of Eden and give him the ABILITY to STAND.

3. It took the WIND of Heaven in the Upper Room to bring 120 people to LIFE and put them on the streets for the Lord.

4. Without a DOUBT it will take God’s Word, His Instructions, His Spirit, and our OBEDIENCE to be His ARMY

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Shovine Flora

commented on Sep 27, 2007

great biblical out look as for the chorch

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