Summary: This message is an apologetic message unpacking the uniqueness of the Bible and it’s reliability.

2Timothy.3: 14—17. "Can we trust the Bible?"

A number of years ago our family toured France in our old 2CV car, well before Sat Nav, after a few hundred miles it was clear we were lost, but I wasn’t about to let on. Danielle told me to look at the map or ask for directions, I refused to listen, let’s face it men never ask for directions! I failed to listen, I failed to read the map, I had to stop swallow my pride , listen to the wise words of my wife and carefully read the map and trust it.

Reminds me that all of us are on a journey, so often we try to do things our own way, and we tend to get lost and confused and lose our bearings and so often we will fail to listen to others. Living without God, is failing to listen to Him .Because God has made it possible for us to not be lost, God has given us a map (The Bible ) get the best out of life to guide us and take us to our ultimate destination.

Who are you listening too? There are many voices competeing in the world that we live in today all competing for our attention and we are all indoctrinated by our own particular culture and circumstances. All of are bombarded with information 24/7 a big shaker in your world view right now is the state school is the Bible, who will have hold of your life for around 15 years or more and will indoctrinate you into a secular world view in regard to the sciences pointing to the Big bang and evolution – In regard to religion all are meaningless and the cause of wars, pointing you to a new morality to experiment between the sexes is good. They push you out like a tube of toothpaste no questions ask pre - programmed and indoctrinated to function as atheistic converts

Fact: Since 1900, the percentage of the world’s atheistic and non-religious peoples (agnostics, secularists, com­munists, and so on) has grown from 0.2 percent to 21.3 percent - in other words from less than one-fifth of one percent to over one fifth of the world’s population. This is the most dramatic change on the entire religious map of the twentieth century. Secularists, or people with no religious commitment, now form the second largest bloc in the world second only to Christians and catching up fast (at the rate of 8.5 million "converts" a year). Grenz, S., A Primer On Postmodenism, Leicester: IVP, 1996. Pages 1-10

A greater indoctrination that people are listening too today: lets watch….. ‘Who Am I’ video slot...........

TV viewing in USA and UK. TV Viewing average in America is 4 hours a day, 2 full months a year, 60% while eating dinner, more TV each year than spent at school. They watch 200, 000 acts of violence, they watch 16,000 murders by the time their 18. ( source national statistics)

And if you think were any better in the UK the average male watches 3hours a day the average female watches 2.15 hours of TV a day what is alarming that some children watch up to 5 hours of TV a day. Nobody is in a position of saying that you’re just indoctrinated by the Bible and that somehow you are neutral and impartial. For we are all indoctrinated the question is by what? ( Get two pairs of glasses: worldviews)

• As I was typing our this message my MacAfee virus check was running and that got me thinking that what we need to run right now.. You may well have a virus in regard to the Bible misinformed virus and tonight were going to try and debug with God’s help. XP and Vista System restore point

The Bible Facts: Worlds first published book – translated fully into over 2000 languages and as we speak it is being translated into others- over the centuries people have tried to discredit, but have failed – it has stood the test of time and has remained the best loved, bestselling book of all time.

1. Who wrote the Bible? Confused?

The Bible is made up of 66 books - 39 OT 27 NT- 1,500 years – 40 human authors – 3 languages – with remarkable unity It’s story and spirit is about the plan of God’s redemption for humanity. The remarkable unity of the Bible is that the human authors were guided by one divine Author God:

• We live in an age where 200 million emails criss-cross the planet every day, where the form of communication is ever changing and it has transformed the way people live and communicate, yet the amazing fact is that people are still willing to hear the voice of God through the Bible.

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