Summary: Listen to God’s Call

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> 1 Samuel 3.

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+ You Can’t Hear Me Now

> 3:1 "THE Word of the Lord was precious (rare) in those days; there was no open vision. "

- Why ?

> 2. 12-17, 22 Wickedness unbelief unrighteousness of God’s professing people

- In these desperate days God takes the child Samuel and sets him up

> That out of the mouth of this babe He might ordain strength (Psa. 8. 2).

> God hath chosen the weak things to confound the mighty (1 Cor. 1. 27).

- Samuel was "lent unto the Lord" (chap. 1. 28). Now the Lord takes the loan of him that He might through him speak to all Israel. We may learn here—

> 1. You Can Hear While You Are Young


- v. 1 - Samuel might have been about six years of age.

- Be sure to introduce kids to Christ

- Here the Almighty, the "Ancient of Days," making His will known to a child? "

- Prov. 8. 17 - They that seek Me early shall find Me".

- Isa. 57. 15."The High and Lofty One that inhabiteth eternity" dwells with the humble spirit

> 2. You Can Hear Without Experience.


- v. 7 -"Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord".

- He believed in Him, The existence of God was known to him

- Had had no personal dealings with Him.

- Experience makes a difference

- Those who honestly seek like Samuel shall surely find.

> 3. You Can Hear On A Troubled Line


- v. 3 "Ere the lamp of God went out".

- Allowing God’s lamp to go out

- It can not happen

- Lev. 24. 2 - Lamp was to burn continually.

- How fares it with the lamp of God in our own hearts ?

- Is our testimony dying down for the lack of fresh oil ?

> 4. You Need To Hear Loud & Clear.


- v. 4, 5 "The Lord called Samuel, and he ran unto Eli".

- He thought it was the voice of Eli.

- The voice of God can come in unexpected ways - family friends circumstance Word

- Samuel’s response was instantaneous obedience

> 5. You Respond To What You Hear


- v. 10 - "Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth"

- Eli could give Samuel no answer to the call of God.

- Those called of Him must respond to Him for themselves.

- It is so in the matter of salvation.

- Same with those gone astray from God must turn back to Him

- The same in service.

- No man can do this for us.

- We must yield ourselves unto God (Rom. 6. 13).

> 6. You Sometimes Hear Bad News.


- v. 15 - "Samuel feared to show Eli the vision"

- An adult message from a boy

- He and his house were to be set aside as unworthy of the priesthood.

- Truth must be told,

- v. 17-18 The PRIEST was prepared to hear all that God had spoken

- Remember God will be Holy

- He will show himself true

> 7. You Hear By Staying Connected.


- v. 19 - "The Lord was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground".

- His presence with us is the guarantee that He will bring it to pass. - Deut. 18. 22 -."If the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken"

- The word was not Samuel’s, but the Lord’s

- The secret of success in the Lord’s work always lies in the doing of His will.

- John 2. 5 - "Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it".

+ Check Your Equipment


> Read Consistently

> Memorize Constantly

> Pray Carefully

> Fellowship Continually

> Share Completely

> Serve Confidently

> Give Cheerfully

> Philip 4:8-9

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