Summary: Stop what you are doing and listen for God.

“Can you hear me now?”

1 Samuel 3: 1-12

Many of us know of Samuel because of the 2 books of the O.T. that bares his name. We know Samuel to be used of God to anoint the 1st King God recognized. Samuel was a broken vessel mended by god, used to establish the kingdom of the house of Israel. But many of us are not aquatinted or know of the men & women of God, until after they have done great things. Seldom do we see them before they answer God’s call or while they are yet babes in Christ.

Here in the 1st Samuel we see one who has yet to answer the call of God to the ministry. We see him at a stage of development in his life. Before he has began a covenant relationship with the Lord. He has not even heard from God’s voice. Samuel teaches us that we hear from God when we have PROPER PRACTICE: He was already obeying what he knew(v1). PROPER POSITION: HE was Laying quiet and still and removed all distraction. Know that your position can determines your comprehension of God’s instructions. That’s why we must have the PROPER PROXIMITY : Samuel was living in the presence of god.

The bible tells us that, in these days of the O.T., THERE HAD BEEN NO VISION. Words from the Lord were rare for the times. God had not spoke or taught in some time for many years. But here Samuel is in the temple at Shiloh. How did he get there?

The Bible tells of a women name Hannah, who was barren, who pleaded unto God to conceive a male child. The man of God had ministered to her that in due season God will make everything all right. I thank God today for the Men of God who tells us that with Christ on our side, everything will be all right. Eli ministered to the mother of Samuel. She now conceived and begets a man-child in her due season. Hannah knew no one but God could allow such a thing to take place. When she had weaned the boy child she brought him to Shiloh because she had promised the child back to the lord. So now Samuel is in the temple at Shiloh. He is in the care of the man of God. With the help of the text we must learn to appreciate when we hear from God.

PRESENT THE TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V4-6 Samuel was confusing the voice of God with Eli. Jn 10:4 teaches us that the sheperd goeth before the sheep , the sheep follow because the hear his voice. God was speaking but it sounded like the earthly sheperd he was following.

V7 Samuel was not yet saved. Not in to communing with God on a daily basis. But still God chose to speak to him. Because he had been chosen for the task.

V8. Eli began to realize that it was God who was calling the boy. I choose to believe

that at that point Eli realized that Samuel was anointed for greatness.

1) See the Connection

Samuel has been learning and walking under the mentoring of Eli.

He had been in ministry training learning of Gods ways. There is a connection between God and the men and women of God . Your Pastor has a divine connection with the Lord. God speaks, but it sounds like my shepard. Because God speaks through the pastor. It’s the Pastor’s voice, but its God speaking. We as believers need to stay seated until the benediction is given. Benediction IS A BLESSING BEING SPOKEN OVER YOU LIFE.

V9 Tell Samuel to go. And how to respond if he hears his name called again. The reason some of us cannot prosper in the things of God is because we don’t respond to God or have now idea we were suppose to respond. God is waiting for a responsive people.

V10. When God chooses you. He won’t just speak, but because you are selected for a task. He’ll make an appearance in your life. “For the Lord CAME and STOOD.”

Samuel became a believer because he acknowledges that it was God and NOT ELI.

2) Hearing Confirmation

v11 The Lord told Samuel what was to come to pass.

Eli had already realized Samuel was anointed for a purpose.

I remember telling friends and family when I first heard God’s call. I was disappointed with their respond. I was looking for them to be as over joyed as I was. But the passion just wasn’t there. I was trying to confirm something of God with the wrong folk. But when I Talked to the men of God in my life it was obvious was trying to confirm what my appointed task was with the wrong folk. There is a call on someone’s life, but it will never develop until it’s confirmed with the right folk. Submit yourself to some one who has heard from the Lord already.

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