Summary: "Can’t" and "Can" are two different words. "Can’t" has a negative connotation while "Can" has a positive connotation


John 20:24

Can’t and can are two different words. "Can’t" has a negative connotation while "Can" has a

positive connotation. Many people cannot get no further than where they are because they have armored and shield themselves with Can’t. Opportunities are missed, blessings are transferred and goals are non-achievable when our self confidence and self esteem are diminished. Sometimes this dead faith is brought on ourselves. The substance of things that we hope for to make our conditions a little better than what they are, are destroyed by our inability to take that first step into the world of reality. We must come to term with ourselves that those things that happen 10 or 20 years ago have become obsolete, and may not be able to functioning in today’s society.

Can’t is a favorite word of some children. Can’t is the worst word that has ever been

written or spoken, and it does exactly what it was carved out to do. It positions you and sets you

up for failure, creates within you a degree of fear and rejection. With this kind of mindset, it is

almost possible to say that your dreams and aspirations are shattered in the sense that you feel

trapped with a wall built around you to stop you from advancing. Unfortunately, some folks grew up accustomed to hearing everything that was degrading, and so in their thinking it behooved

them not to do anything about their situation. If you surround yourself with negative things and

negative people, ultimate you’ll begin to conform to those negative things and act like those

negative people. Its like having a body that is well and alive on the outside, but in the inside you

are slowly decaying with the schism of negativity, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Can’t does more harm here than slander and lies. Folks can slanderous your name and

say everything that is not you about you. They may even lie on you and make others to believe

that you are the worst of sinners that ever walked upon the face of this earth in order to divert

your attention and give in to their insincere behavior, if you are not strong in your faith you will

eventually overshadowed yourself with CAN’T. When you become complacent in your present

position and has no plan for growth in your life, the gap to realizing your potential and self

actualization become even wider and wider. Your physiological needs can never be met under

these conditions, you’ll fear because there is no security in what you do, you’ll feel like an

outcast not being not being able to belong to any group or anything. Sleepless nights become the

norm in your life, anxiety puts you on the edge to become delusion in you thinking, but it doesn’t have to this way.

CAN’T breaks strong spirits. Disappointment comes by way of someone telling you, you

can’t have this or this can’t be done. Doors are shut in your face, harsh words are uttered from

the lips of those you look up to for guardance and directions, what you started out as a genuine

plan for you and your family becomes a disaster are all things that will break your spirit. My

Bible tells me that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. But my Bible also tells that when I

am weak, he is strong. It further tells me that the race is not given to strong or the brave, but he

that can endure to the end. My Bible further tells that all things are possible through Jesus who

strengthens me.

CAN’T kills your purpose in life. Discouragement will show up and stir you off course

especially when there is no one around to give you pep talks or encouraging words. You’ll feel

like you are in this business all by yourself from start to finish. Those you use to rely on, you’ll

see them no more. Don’t change heart, but keep looking up with pride and dignity. If there is a

problem you can’t not handle, all you got to do is look up to the hills for help. God is still in

charge, let him direct your purpose in life. Give him a chance to let him do what he say he would do.

CAN’T springs from the lips of the thoughtless each morning and robs us of courage we

need through the day. Be not dismay or betide; God will take care of you. He will never leave

you or forsake you. Somebody said, he will be right there by your side. In tribulation, he will be

there. In trials, he will be there; in persecution, he will be there. In the midst of faults and

failures, he will be there. When you are down and out, he will be there.

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