3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Every time God brings His people together is to make them to become what they have not become before. Every time God calls, He called for a Purpose, the first time God called He said, come let us make man in our image. That was the first time God called a meeting.

God is in the process of making people, So He called another meeting and He said it is not good for man to be alone, He said again let us make a help meet for him. So

Every time God calls a meeting, it is to make life comfortable for man. .

That is why I am persuaded today that God called you to make life comfortable for you. Let me tell you this, no matter the level of comfort you are now it is nothing compared to where God is taking you to.

God knows that particular place in your life where you needed comfort most and that is why he brought you to this time of the year, God would have visited you by this time next year. God said: I did not call the sons of Jacob to seek me in vain. There is a man in Gen: 11, they call his name Abram. In the last part of Ch 11 vs 29, he was 75 years old, married.

1. No child, 2. He was still living in his fathers house. What a shame you may say

3. He was jobless

So he was leaving on his father, a 75 years old man.There was nothing like distinction in his life.

But God visited him in Gen :12:1 and after that visitation in Ch 13, he did not only feed himself but he fed a numberless people (Amen)

Bible says he had male servants, female servants, gold and silver.

I want you to know this, were ever you are lacking before you came here, your story is changing for good today. (I say your story is changing for good) Your story is becoming God' glory. Halleluiah.

I want you to know, that God is not God for the whites only. God is not white, God is not black, but God is God (Amen)

He did it for Abram; he is going to do it for you today.

Let me tell you something, there is a path to distinction. Until that path is taken, distinction becomes impossible.

I want you to know this, that path is not with man. That path cannot be gotten from school, nor can your parent teach you that part. But only your maker that knows that part, and until he shows you the part, there is no way you can arrive there by accident.

People that stumbled into it stumbled out. But you are getting there from this moment. You are getting there in Jesus name. say to yourself I am highly favoured

Job 28: 7-16,21-24. The path to distinction is by no man. So you cannot be taught this path in school. Even death doesn’t have it, Friends, that path is with God. Believe that you have been predestined to a particular path in life. It is only when you locate this path, that you can be distinguished.

Jer:1:5. God has that path before you were formed; the qualification to this part is by Predestination. It is not by your academic background. There are many professors today, they are confused. Why? They are not in the part God has ordained for them in life and if you ask them how are things; they reply you so, so. There are many married couples today, because they are not walking in that path that leads to distinction and grace.

The men are either punching the wife or rejecting food, and anytime he comes home, the children will quickly run into their rooms, because the man has become the lion of the tribe of his home. As soon as he enters, he begins to roar.

Who put this cup here? And everybody in the house begins to shake in panic of him. That man has not located the path of distinction to marriage and fatherhood.

How come many are not distinguished? Come with me to Joel 2:2-11. The bible talks about the things that are happening in the world today. Men who are strong and dominate, non like them before. You don’t need to be retrenched before you can be promoted.

When heaven sends a signal that you should be promoted, even if there is no office, one would be created for you (Amen). I

want you to know this; there is nothing that someone has, that compares to what God has prepared for you this day (Amen)

Because you are a people with supernatural immunity from God.

When you are distinguished by God everything else gives way at your appearance, you walk in favor, earn respect and authority wherever you go.

May God almighty establish and distinguish you in Jesus name.


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